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  • 1 hesapla

    1. calculate 2. compute 3. estimate 4. take stock 5. calculating (v.) 6. computing (v.) 7. estimating (v.) 8. calculated (v.) 9. estimated (v.)

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  • 2 hesaplama

    n. reckoning, calculation, computation, sums
    * * *
    1. calculation 2. computation 3. calculating (n.) 4. computing (n.) 5. estimating (n.) 6. reckoning (n.)

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  • 3 hesaplayarak

    1. calculating (prep.) 2. computing (prep.) 3. estimating (prep.)

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  • 4 kararlama

    "estimation, approximation; estimated; by estimating roughly"

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  • 5 haydi

    "1. Come on! (used to spur someone on): Haydi Filiz! Come on Filiz! 2. All right, OK: Haydi istediğin şekilde yapalım. OK, let´s do it your way. 3. OK, let´s say... (used when estimating): Kahire buradan haydi yüz kilometre olsun. OK, let´s say Cairo is one hundred kilometers away. 4. Come off it!/Nonsense!: Haydi oradan, bana madik atamazsın! Listen man, you can´t feed me that! 5. OK, so... (but)...!: Haydi gelemedi, bari bir telefon edeydi! OK, so he was unable to come; at least he could have telephoned! 6. The only thing to do is...: Seller basınca biz haydi dama. Whenever it floods, we´ve no choice but to take to the roof. - bakalım! Come on then!/ Hurry up! - canım sen de! colloq. Who do you think you´re kidding?/Don´t feed me that bull! - gidelim! Come on, let´s go! - git! Get going!/Push off!/Off with you now! - haydi! colloq. 1. Who do you think you´re fooling? 2. Cut it short!/Don´t prolong things!/Don´t drag it out! - haydi 1. easily, with no trouble whatsoever: Biz bunu haydi haydi yaparız. We´ll do this with no trouble whatsoever. 2. at the most, at most: Bu kütüphane haydi haydi yüz kitap alır. This bookcase will hold one hundred books at the most. - oradan! colloq. 1. Get moving!/Move it! 2. Who do you think you´re kidding? "

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  • 6 kararlama

    1. estimation, rough calculation. 2. done by guessing. 3. by estimating roughly.

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  • 7 kararlamadan

    by estimating roughly.

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  • 8 takdir

    "1. appreciation, recognition of the worth, merit, or importance of (someone, something). 2. appreciation, understanding fully, being fully sensible of. 3. approval, commendation, applause. 4. estimating the worth of, evaluating, valuing, setting a value on; appraising (the worth) of; assessing (the worth) of. 5. individual judgment, discretion; law judicial discretion. 6. the will of God, fate; God´s foreordaining (something); predestination. -de in the event that..., in the event of..., if...: Yağmur yağdığı takdirde toplantı ertelenecek. In the event of rain the meeting will be postponed. -ine bırakmak /ı, ın/ to leave (a matter) to (someone) to decide, leave (a matter) to (someone´s) judgment or discretion. - böyle imiş. colloq. This is the way it was fated to be. - etmek /ı/ 1. to appreciate, recognize the worth, merit, or importance of (someone, something). 2. to appreciate, understand fully, be fully sensible of. 3. to approve, commend, applaud. 4. to estimate the worth of, evaluate, value, set a value on; to appraise (the worth) of; to assess (the worth) of. 5. (for God) to foreordain, predestine. - hakkı law (a judge´s) right to exercise judicial discretion. -ine kalmak /ın/ (for a matter) to be left to (someone) to decide, be left to (someone´s) judgment or discretion. -ini kazanmak /ın/ to win (someone´s) approval. - toplamak to win general approval. - yerini bulmak (for what was fated to happen) to happen."

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