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equivalent effect

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  • charges having equivalent effect (to customs duties) — levies having effect as duty payable on a cross border transfer of goods. The legal regime of the European Union in attempting to establish a customs union prohibits not only customs duties but those charges that, if they were allowed, might… …   Law dictionary

  • measures having equivalent effect (to quantitative restrictions) — in the law of the European Communities these measures, being non pecuniary obstacles to the free movement of goods, are prohibited to bolster the common market. The prohibition extends to all trading rules that affect intracommunity trade, even… …   Law dictionary

  • equivalent — eq·uiv·a·lent n: something that performs substantially the same function as another thing in substantially the same way compare aggregation, combination, invention ◇ Under patent law, a patentee may bring a claim for infringement against the… …   Law dictionary

  • Equivalent — E*quiv a*lent ([ e]*kw[i^]v [.a]*lent), a. [L. aequivalens, entis, p. pr. of aequivalere to have equal power; aequus equal + valere to be strong, be worth: cf. F. [ e]quivalent. See {Equal}, and {Valiant}.] 1. Equal in worth or value, force,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • equivalent — ► ADJECTIVE (often equivalent to) 1) equal in value, amount, function, meaning, etc. 2) having the same or a similar effect. ► NOUN ▪ a person or thing that is equivalent to another. DERIVATIVES equivalence noun equivalency noun …   English terms dictionary

  • Equivalent air depth — In technical diving, the equivalent air depth (EAD) is a way of expressing the narcotic effect of specific breathing gas mixtures that contain nitrogen, for example nitrox and trimix. [cite journal |last=Logan |first=JA |title=An evaluation of… …   Wikipedia

  • Effect size — In statistics, an effect size is a measure of the strength of the relationship between two variables in a statistical population, or a sample based estimate of that quantity. An effect size calculated from data is a descriptive statistic that… …   Wikipedia

  • Equivalent dose — The equivalent absorbed radiation dose, usually shortened to equivalent dose, is a computed average measure of the radiation absorbed by a fixed mass of biological tissue, that attempts to account for the different biological damage potential of… …   Wikipedia

  • equivalent — [[t]ɪkwɪ̱vələnt[/t]] ♦♦♦ equivalents 1) N SING: oft N of n If one amount or value is the equivalent of another, they are the same. The equivalent of two tablespoons of polyunsaturated oils is ample each day... Even the cheapest car costs the… …   English dictionary

  • equivalent — adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French, from Late Latin aequivalent , aequivalens, present participle of aequivalēre to have equal power, from Latin aequi + valēre to be strong more at wield Date:… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • equivalent — 1. Equal in any respect. 2. That which is equal in size, weight, force, or any other quality to something else. 3. Having the capability to counterbalance or neutralize each other. 4. Having equal valencies. 5. SYN: gram e.. [see equivalence]… …   Medical dictionary