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encoded text

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  • Text over IP — (or ToIP) is a means of providing a real time text service that operates over IP based networks. It complements Voice over IP (VoIP) and Video over IP. Real time text is defined in ITU T Multimedia Recommendation F.700 . Real time text is …   Wikipedia

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  • Plain text — In computing, plain text is a term used for an ordinary unformatted sequential file readable as textual material without much processing.The encoding has traditionally been either ASCII, one of its many derivatives such as ISO/IEC 646 etc., or… …   Wikipedia

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  • plain text — 1. noun a) Unencrypted text, text that is readable. Using the sophisticated code was useless since the spy merely stole the plain text from the waste basket. b) Data which consists only of human readable text, as opposed to machine readable… …   Wiktionary

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  • cover text — noun : a text in clear language within which a ciphertext is concealed (as by a grille) * * * a text that conceals an encoded message …   Useful english dictionary

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