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en plan económico

  • 1 plan económico

    • payout date
    • payout plan
    • payout rate

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  • 2 plan económico

    payout plan.

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  • 3 plan económico

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  • 4 plan económico

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  • 5 económico

    1 economic, economical, saving, sparing.
    2 cost-reducing, cost-cutting, cash-saving, economical.
    3 economic, related to economics.
    4 cheap to run, economic, cost-effective.
    5 inexpensive, cheap, low-priced, knockdown.
    * * *
    1 (gen) economic
    2 (barato) cheap, economical, inexpensive
    3 (persona) thrifty, careful with money
    crisis económica economic crisis, recession
    * * *
    (f. - económica)
    * * *
    1) [gen] economic; [año] fiscal, financial
    2) (=barato) economical, inexpensive

    edición económica — cheap edition, popular edition

    3) (=ahorrativo) thrifty; pey miserly
    ECONÓMICO ¿"Economic" o "economical"? El adjetivo económico se traduce por economic cuando se refiere al comercio o las finanzas: China ha vivido cinco años de reformas económicas China has lived through five years of economic reforms ... el ritmo del crecimiento económico...... the pace of economic growth... ► Económico se traduce por economical cuando se usa para describir algo que presenta una buena relación calidad-precio: Resulta más económico tener un coche de gasoil It is more economical to have a diesel-engined car Economic se puede usar en inglés para traducir rentable: Mantendremos las tarifas altas para que el servicio resulte rentable We shall keep the fares high to make the service economic Para otros usos y ejemplos ver la entrada
    * * *
    - ca adjetivo
    1) <crisis/situación> economic (before n); <problema/independencia> financial
    a) <piso/comida> cheap; <restaurante/hotel> cheap, inexpensive
    b) ( que gasta poco) < motor> economical; < persona> thrifty
    * * *
    - ca adjetivo
    1) <crisis/situación> economic (before n); <problema/independencia> financial
    a) <piso/comida> cheap; <restaurante/hotel> cheap, inexpensive
    b) ( que gasta poco) < motor> economical; < persona> thrifty
    * * *
    1 = economic, financial, fiscal, monetary, monied, pecuniary, budget, moneyed.

    Ex: Generally, the availability of centralised cataloguing records will, if the economic aspects are favourable, encourage uniformity.

    Ex: SIA in the United Kingdom covers information on travel and transport, economics in EEC countries, construction of nuclear power stations, and financial information.
    Ex: The effect of fiscal pressures is particularly evident for government on-line systems, such as DOE/RECON.
    Ex: For example, if the local currency is Belgian francs, monetary amount are always entered in whole francs.
    Ex: This will shift the dynamics of information flow to policymakers to favour monied special interests, which threatens the democratic process.
    Ex: George Watson Cole refers to his mental derangement and pecuniary embarrassment.
    Ex: The aricle has the title ' budget CD-Rewritable drives: to get the best deal, buy a CD-RW drive that's not top of the line'.
    Ex: It is generally recognized that collecting money from moneyed deadbeats is as much a social problem as street thuggery.
    * apoyo económico = financial backing.
    * ayuda económica = fund assistance, financial assistance, grant money, grant, cash grant.
    * bache económico = economic doldrums.
    * brigada de delitos económicos = fraud squad.
    * burbuja económica = price bubble.
    * capacidad económica = earning capacity, earning power.
    * capital económico = financial capital.
    * Clasificación Industrial General de las Actividades Económicas = General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (NACE).
    * clima económico = economic climate.
    * comprobación de las necesidades económicas = means-testing, means test.
    * comprobar las necesidades económicas = means test.
    * Comunidad Económica Europea (CEE) = European Economic Community (EEC).
    * con poco recursos económicos = low-budget.
    * crisis económica = economic crisis, economic slump, difficult economic times, economic depression, economic doldrums.
    * crisis económica mundial = global economic slump.
    * cuestión económica = economic issue, financial issue.
    * depresión económica = economic depression, economic doldrums.
    * de recesión económica = recessionary.
    * desastre económico = financial disaster, economic disaster.
    * desde un punto de vista económico = economically.
    * de un modo económico = economically.
    * donación económica = monetary donation.
    * donación económica de fundación = endowment fund.
    * económico-técnico = economic-technical.
    * eficacia económica = economic efficiency.
    * ejercicio económico = business year, accounting year.
    * en tiempos de recesión económica = in recessionary times.
    * equiparación económica = economic levelling.
    * estatus económico = economic status.
    * evaluación de las necesidades económicas = means-testing, means test.
    * evaluar las necesidades económicas = means test.
    * fondo económico = funds.
    * hastiado de la recesión económica = recession-weary.
    * historiador económico = economic historian.
    * incertidumbre económica = economic uncertainty.
    * índice económico = economic index.
    * influencia económica = economic influence.
    * información económica = business news.
    * informe económico = economic report.
    * interés económico = economic interest.
    * mala racha económica = economic doldrums.
    * medida económica = economic measure.
    * memoria económica = economic report.
    * modelo económico = economic model.
    * necesidad económica = economic necessity, economic need.
    * nivelación económica = economic levelling.
    * no económico = non-economic [noneconomic].
    * pasar apuros económicos = lead + a precarious existence.
    * política económica = political economy.
    * político-económico = politico-economic.
    * presión económica = economic pressure.
    * que se concede en función de las necesidades económicas = means-tested.
    * recesión económica = economic recession, difficult economic times, economic depression.
    * recortes económicos = economic retrenchment.
    * recuperación económica = economic recovery.
    * reforma económica = economic reform.
    * respaldo económico = financial backing.
    * riesgo económico = financial risk.
    * sanción económica = economic penalty, economic sanction.
    * sistema económico = economic system.
    * situación económica = economic status.
    * situación económica, la = economics of the situation, the.
    * socioeconómico = socioeconomic [socio-economic].
    * teoría económica = economic theory.
    * trastorno económico = economic upheaval.
    * valor económico = economic value, monetary worth.

    2 = cheap [cheaper -comp., cheapest -sup.], cost-effective [cost effective], economical, inexpensive, cost-efficient [cost efficient], dollar-saving, money-saving, thrifty [thriftier -comp., thriftiest -sup.], cut-price, cut-rate, affordable.

    Ex: These indexes are both cheap and quick to produce.

    Ex: OFFSEARCH is a means of running a search overnight on more than one data base, in a cost-effective mode.
    Ex: Fixed length fields the are economical on storage space, and records using fixed length fields are quick and easy to code.
    Ex: a microcomputer will need an inexpensive software package in order to suitable for external communication.
    Ex: Good libraries are a cost-efficient integral part of an effective correctional programme in a detention centre.
    Ex: The article 'Two dollar-saving search tips' explains how to eliminate duplicate citations when printing out search results.
    Ex: It is ironic that reduced funding may threaten money-saving automation plans.
    Ex: As such, the library serves a large blue collar population of thrifty, hardworking people with a predilection toward conservatism in lifestyle and thought.
    Ex: Turkey is heavily promoted by tour operators as an idyllic holiday destination, the cut-price alternative to Greece or Cyprus.
    Ex: Most of these cut-rate laptops include a one-year parts and labor warranty.
    Ex: Information will become more affordable, accessible, and plentiful.
    * alojamiento económico = budget accommodation.
    * de forma económica = cost-effectively.
    * de un modo económico = thriftily.
    * de un modo poco económico = wastefully.
    * hotel económico = budget hotel.

    * * *
    A ‹crisis/situación› economic ( before n)
    tienen problemas económicos they have financial problems
    1 ‹piso/comida› cheap; ‹restaurante/hotel› cheap, inexpensive
    2 (que gasta poco) ‹motor› economical; ‹persona› thrifty
    * * *


    ◊ -ca adjetivo

    1crisis/situación economic ( before n);
    problema/independencia financial
    a)piso/comida cheap;

    restaurante/hotel cheap, inexpensive

    persona thrifty
    económico,-a adjetivo
    1 (país, empresa) economic
    (persona) financial: tienen problemas económicos, they have financial troubles
    2 (barato) economical, inexpensive: el traje me salió muy económico, the suit was very cheap
    comidas económicas, cheap meals
    3 (persona ahorradora) thrifty
    Recuerda que el adjetivo economic, relativo a la economía, no es igual al adjetivo economical, que significa económico, barato.
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    * * *
    económico, -a adj
    1. [asunto, doctrina, crisis] economic;
    la política económica del gobierno the government's economic policy;
    una familia con problemas económicos a family with financial problems;
    mi situación económica es desesperante my financial situation is desperate
    2. [barato] cheap, low-cost;
    pagándolo al contado te sale más económico it works out cheaper if you pay in cash
    3. [que gasta poco] [motor, aparato] economical;
    [persona] thrifty
    * * *
    1 economic
    2 ( barato) economical
    * * *
    económico, -ca adj
    : economic, economical
    * * *
    1. (de la economía) economic
    2. (que gasta poco) economical
    3. (que cuesta poco) inexpensive

    Spanish-English dictionary > económico

  • 6 plan de desarrollo económico

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