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  • 1 empty space


    English-Swedish dictionary > empty space

  • 2 space

    n. rymd, rum; yttre rymden; utrymme; tomrum; plats (ledig); andrum, spelrum; tidrymd, period
    v. göra mellanrum mellan, placera med avstånd mellan
    * * *
    [speis] 1. noun
    1) (a gap; an empty or uncovered place: I couldn't find a space for my car.) utrymme, plats, tomrum
    2) (room; the absence of objects; the area available for use: Have you enough space to turn round?; Is there space for one more?) utrymme, plats
    3) ((often outer space) the region outside the Earth's atmosphere, in which all stars and other planets etc are situated: travellers through space.) [] rymden
    2. verb
    ((also space out) to set (things) apart from one another: He spaced the rows of potatoes half a metre apart.) ordna med mellanrum, placera ut
    - spacious
    - spaciously
    - spaciousness
    - space-age
    - spacecraft
    - spaceship
    - spacesuit

    English-Swedish dictionary > space

  • 3 void

    adj. utan laga kraft
    n. tom, tomrum
    v. tömma; göra ogiltig
    * * *
    [void] 1. adjective
    1) (not valid or binding: The treaty has been declared void.) ogiltig
    2) ((with of) lacking entirely: a statement void of meaning.) i avsaknad av, utan
    2. noun
    (a huge empty space, especially (with the) outer space: The rocket shot up into the void; Her death left a void in her husband's life.) tomrum, rymd

    English-Swedish dictionary > void

  • 4 clearance

    n. befriande; undanröjande; rensning
    * * *
    1) (the act of clearing or removing: The clearance of these trees from the front of the window will give you more light.) undanröjande, frigörande, rensning
    2) (the empty space between two objects: You can drive the lorry under the bridge - there's a clearance of half a metre.) fri höjd, spelrum, säkerhetsmarginal
    3) ((a certificate) giving permission for something to be done.) tillstånd

    English-Swedish dictionary > clearance

  • 5 hollow

    adj. ihålig, hålig; tom
    n. hål, vakuum
    v. göra ihålig, holka ur, gröpa ut, gräva ut
    * * *
    ['holəu] 1. adjective
    1) (having an empty space in it: a hollow tree; Bottles, pipes and tubes are hollow.) ihålig
    2) ((of a sound) strangely deep, as if made in something hollow: a hollow voice.) ihålig
    2. noun
    1) (something hollow: hollows in her cheeks.) []hålighet, urholkning, håla, fördjupning
    2) (a small valley; a dip in the ground: You can't see the farm from here because it's in a hollow.) sänka
    - beat hollow
    - hollow out

    English-Swedish dictionary > hollow

  • 6 place

    n. plats; ställning; uppgift
    v. sätta, ställa, lägga, placera; ge rum åt; utnämna; ge position åt
    * * *
    [pleis] 1. noun
    1) (a particular spot or area: a quiet place in the country; I spent my holiday in various different places.) plats, ställe
    2) (an empty space: There's a place for your books on this shelf.) plats, rum, utrymme
    3) (an area or building with a particular purpose: a market-place.) -plats
    4) (a seat (in a theatre, train, at a table etc): He went to his place and sat down.) plats
    5) (a position in an order, series, queue etc: She got the first place in the competition; I lost my place in the queue.) plats, placering
    6) (a person's position or level of importance in society etc: You must keep your secretary in her place.) ställning, rang, position, plats
    7) (a point in the text of a book etc: The wind was blowing the pages of my book and I kept losing my place.) ställe
    8) (duty or right: It's not my place to tell him he's wrong.) sak
    9) (a job or position in a team, organization etc: He's got a place in the team; He's hoping for a place on the staff.) anställning, plats
    10) (house; home: Come over to my place.) hus, bostad, ställe, hem
    11) ((often abbreviated to Pl. when written) a word used in the names of certain roads, streets or squares.) -platsen, -gatan
    12) (a number or one of a series of numbers following a decimal point: Make the answer correct to four decimal places.) decimal
    2. verb
    1) (to put: He placed it on the table; He was placed in command of the army.) placera, ställa, sätta, lägga
    2) (to remember who a person is: I know I've seen her before, but I can't quite place her.) placera
    - go places
    - in the first
    - second place
    - in place
    - in place of
    - out of place
    - put oneself in someone else's place
    - put someone in his place
    - put in his place
    - take place
    - take the place of

    English-Swedish dictionary > place

  • 7 open

    adj. öppen; oförställd; öppenhjärtig, uppriktig; opartisk; offentlig; ledig (jobb etc.)
    n. öppet ställe; öppet fält; det fria, frisk luft
    v. öppna; öppnas; börja; ta upp (en sång); sträcka ut (benen)
    * * *
    ['əupən] 1. adjective
    1) (not shut, allowing entry or exit: an open box; The gate is wide open.) öppen
    2) (allowing the inside to be seen: an open book.) öppen
    3) (ready for business etc: The shop is open on Sunday afternoons; After the fog had cleared, the airport was soon open again; The gardens are open to the public.) öppen
    4) (not kept secret: an open show of affection.) öppen, ohöljd
    5) (frank: He was very open with me about his work.) öppen
    6) (still being considered etc: Leave the matter open.) öppen
    7) (empty, with no trees, buildings etc: I like to be out in the open country; an open space.) öppen
    2. verb
    1) (to make or become open: He opened the door; The door opened; The new shop opened last week.) öppna, öppnas
    2) (to begin: He opened the meeting with a speech of welcome.) öppna
    - opening
    - openly
    - open-air
    - open-minded
    - open-plan
    - be an open secret
    - bring something out into the open
    - bring out into the open
    - in the open
    - in the open air
    - keep/have an open mind
    - open on to
    - the open sea
    - open to
    - open up
    - with open arms

    English-Swedish dictionary > open

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