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empty category

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  • Empty category — In syntax, an empty category is a nominal element which does not have any phonological content and is therefore unpronounced; they may also be referred to as covert nouns, in contrast to overt nouns which are prounounced. There are four types of… …   Wikipedia

  • Empty category principle — In linguistics, the empty category principle (ECP) was proposed in Noam Chomsky s syntactic framework of government and binding theory. The ECP is supposed to be a universal syntactic constraint that requires traces to be properly governed.Proper …   Wikipedia

  • Empty product — In mathematics, an empty product, or nullary product, is the result of multiplying no factors. It is equal to the multiplicative identity 1, given that it exists for the multiplication operation in question, just as the empty sum the result of… …   Wikipedia

  • Category management — is a retailing concept in which the total range of products sold by a retailer is broken down into discrete groups of similar or related products; these groups are known as product categories. Examples of grocery categories may be : tinned fish,… …   Wikipedia

  • Empty set — ∅ redirects here. For similar looking symbols, see Ø (disambiguation). The empty set is the set containing no elements. In mathematics, and more specifically set theory, the empty set is the unique set having no elements; its size or cardinality… …   Wikipedia

  • Empty function — In mathematics, an empty function is a function whose domain is the empty set. For each set A , there is exactly one such empty function :f A: varnothing ightarrow A.The graph of an empty function is a subset of the Cartesian product empty;… …   Wikipedia

  • Category theory — In mathematics, category theory deals in an abstract way with mathematical structures and relationships between them: it abstracts from sets and functions to objects and morphisms . Categories now appear in most branches of mathematics and in… …   Wikipedia

  • Category of sets — In mathematics, the category of sets, denoted as Set, is the category whose objects are all sets and whose morphisms are all functions. It is the most basic and the most commonly used category in mathematics.Properties of the category of setsThe… …   Wikipedia

  • Empty Eyes — Infobox Television episode| Title= Empty Eyes Series= Season = 7 Episode = 18 Guests= Ruby Dee Airdate = March 29, 2007 Production = Writer = Allen MacDonald Director = Michael Slovis Prev = Fallen Idols Next = Big ShotsEmpty Eyes is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Category of rings — In mathematics, the category of rings, denoted by Ring, is the category whose objects are rings (with identity) and whose morphisms are ring homomorphisms (preserving the identity). Like many categories in mathematics, the category of rings is… …   Wikipedia

  • Empty (magazine) — Infobox Magazine title = Empty magazine image size = 200px image caption = Issue 9 of Empty magazine publisher = Design is Kinky paid circulation = unpaid circulation = total circulation = 12,000 circulation year = language = English category =… …   Wikipedia

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