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elastic method

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  • quasi-elastic method — A method of stress analysis for non linear and/or time dependent materials, especially polymers, in which elastic moduli in the elastic equations are replaced by the values of the corresponding secant modulus or creep modulus, at the required… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Elastic instability — is a form of instability occurring in elastic systems, such as buckling of beams and plates subject to large compressive loads. ingle degree of freedom systemsConsider as a simple example a rigid beam of length L , hinged in one end and free in… …   Wikipedia

  • Elastic fiber — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = 104 GrayPage = 377 Caption = Subcutaneous tissue from a young rabbit. Highly magnified. (Elastic fibers labeled at left. ) Caption2 = System = Precursor = MeshName = MeshNumber = DorlandsPre …   Wikipedia

  • Elastic bandage — US elastic bandage, used in Vietnam War Era An elastic bandage (also known as an ACE bandage, elastic wrap, compression bandage or crepe bandage) is a stretchable bandage used to create localized pressure .[1][2] Elastic bandages are co …   Wikipedia

  • Elastic interface bus — Overview= Elastic Interface buses (EI bus connections) can be generalized as bus connections which are high speed interfaces that have clock sent with data. All of the data bits are aligned to the clock to be able to latch the data at these high… …   Wikipedia

  • Elastic tabstop — In text editor applications in computing, an elastic tabstop is an alternative way to handle tabstops, with a primary focus on editing source code in computer programming. The idea was first proposed by Nick Gravgaard as a solution for… …   Wikipedia

  • Castigliano's method — Castigliano s method, named for Carlo Alberto Castigliano, is a method for determining the displacements of a linear elastic system based on the partial derivatives of the strain energy. In the mathematics of structures, he is known for his two… …   Wikipedia

  • Time of Flight Ultrasonic Determination of 3D Elastic Constants — The three dimensional elastic constants of materials can be measured using the ultrasonic immersion method. This was pioneered by xx and xx from the National Physical Laboratory in the 19xx s. It has mainly been used for polymer composite… …   Wikipedia

  • Discrete element method — A discrete element method (DEM), also called a distinct element method is any of family of numerical methods for computing the motion of a large number of particles of micrometre scale size and above. Though DEM is very closely related to… …   Wikipedia

  • Immersed boundary method — The immersed boundary method is an approach to model and simulate mechanical systems in which elastic structures (or membranes) interact with fluid flows. Treating the coupling of the structure deformations and the fluid flow poses a number of… …   Wikipedia

  • Engineering treatment of the finite element method — This is a draft of a new explanation as suggested on . The finite element method (FEM) is a technique for finding approximate solutions to differential equations that is particularly useful in engineering. As of 2005, FEM is the primary analysis… …   Wikipedia

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