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effective rate of interest

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  • effective rate — Another name for annual percentage rate that refers to the amount of yearly interest to be charged by a lender on the money borrowed by a debtor. In federal income tax law, the actual tax rate that an individual taxpayer pays based upon his or… …   Law dictionary

  • effective rate — noun of interest : the excess over unity of the accumulation factor for a year, furnishing the rate at simple interest which would yield in one year the same amount as the actual or nominal rate at compound interest * * * effective rate noun… …   Useful english dictionary

  • effective rate — /ɪˌfektɪv reɪt/ noun a real interest rate on a loan or deposit (i.e. the APR) …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • federal funds effective rate — USA federal funds effective rate, Also known as federal funds rate. A floating interest rate reference rate used by a lender under a loan agreement. In general terms, it is the rate per annum equal to the rate charged on federal funds… …   Law dictionary

  • effective — ef·fec·tive adj 1: producing a desired effect an effective revocation of the contract 2: capable of bringing about an effect effective assistance of counsel see also ineffective assistance o …   Law dictionary

  • effective annual rate — UK US noun [C] (also effective annual interest rate) ► FINANCE the actual rate of interest paid or charged over one year: »The effective annual rate is the amount of interest charged on an overdraft, not including any fees or charges …   Financial and business terms

  • interest rate — n. The percentage used to calculate interest due on a loan. The Essential Law Dictionary. Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. Amy Hackney Blackwell. 2008. interest rate …   Law dictionary

  • interest period — USA Period of time chosen by a borrower under a loan agreement over which the floating interest rate, such as LIBOR, is fixed. Typically the interest periods are one, two, three or six months. Related terms applicable margin base rate …   Law dictionary

  • Effective interest rate — The effective interest rate, effective annual interest rate, Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) or simply effective rate is the interest rate on a loan or financial product restated from the nominal interest rate as an interest rate with annual… …   Wikipedia

  • rate — The cost of debt service paid by a borrower or issuer to a lender or investor. The rate is expressed as an annual percentage of the amount borrowed. For some notes and bonds that pay interest semiannually, the semiannual interest due to the… …   Financial and business terms

  • Interest — For other uses, see Interest (disambiguation). Interest is a fee paid by a borrower of assets to the owner as a form of compensation for the use of the assets. It is most commonly the price paid for the use of borrowed money,[1] or money earned… …   Wikipedia


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