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early blight of potato

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  • early blight — noun : any of several blights of plants in which symptoms appear early in the season: as a. : a leaf spot especially of the potato and tomato that is caused by a fungus (Alternaria solani) compare late blight b. : a leaf spot of celery caused by… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Blight — refers to a specific symptom affecting plants in response to infection by a pathogenic organism. It is simply a rapid and complete chlorosis, browning, then death of plant tissues such as leaves, branches, twigs, or floral organs. [Agrios, George …   Wikipedia

  • Potato — Irish potato redirects here. For the confectionery, see Irish potato candy. For other uses, see Potato (disambiguation). Potato …   Wikipedia

  • potato — /peuh tay toh, teuh/, n., pl. potatoes. 1. Also called Irish potato, white potato. the edible tuber of a cultivated plant, Solanum tuberosum, of the nightshade family. 2. the plant itself. 3. See sweet potato (defs. 1, 2). [1545 55; < Sp patata… …   Universalium

  • Early modern European cuisine — The cuisine of early modern Europe (c. 1500 1800) was a mix of dishes inherited from medieval cuisine combined with innovations that would persist in the modern era. There was a great influx of new ideas, an increase in foreign trade, religious… …   Wikipedia

  • Irish Potato Famine — (1845–49) Famine that occurred in Ireland when the potato crop failed in successive years. By the early 1840s almost half the Irish population, particularly the rural poor, was depending almost entirely on the potato for nourishment. A reliance… …   Universalium

  • King Edward potato — The majority of European and North American potato varieties are derivatives of the Rough Purple Chili [ [http://www.cambridge.org/us/books/kiple/potatoes.htm] K C Ornelas et al, 2000] which was used as breeding stock after the 1840s Irish potato …   Wikipedia

  • Alternaria solani — Taxobox name = Alternaria solani regnum = Fungi phylum = Ascomycota classis = Dothideomycetes subclassis = Pleosporomycetidae ordo = Pleosporales familia = Pleosporaceae genus = Alternaria species = A. solani binomial = Alternaria solani binomial …   Wikipedia

  • Alternaria — Taxobox name = Alternaria image width = 280px image caption = Alternaria sp. regnum = Fungi phylum = Ascomycota subdivisio = Pezizomycotina classis = Dothideomycetes ordo = Pleosporales family = Pleosporaceae genus = Alternaria subdivision ranks …   Wikipedia

  • Alternaria solani — Alternaria solani …   Wikipédia en Français

  • АЛЬТЕРНАРИОЗ КАРТОФЕЛЯ; ГНИЛЬ РАННЯЯ КАРТОФЕЛЯ; ГНИЛЬ СУХАЯ АЛЬТЕРНАРИОЗНАЯ КАРТОФЕЛЯ; ПЯТНИСТОСТЬ БУРАЯ КАРТОФЕЛЯ; ПЯТНИСТОСТЬ КРАЕВАЯ КАРТОФЕЛЯ — англ.early blight of potato; target spot of potato нем.Blattbräune, Kartoffel; Dürrfleckenkrankheit, Kartoffel; Knollenbefall, Kartoffel (Alternaria); Trockenbefall, Kartoffel франц.alternariose de la pomme de terre; maladie des taches… …   Фитопатологический словарь-справочник

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