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  • dys·en·tery — /ˈdısn̩ˌteri, Brit ˈdısn̩tri/ noun [noncount] medical : a serious disease that causes severe diarrhea and a loss of blood …   Useful english dictionary

  • dys — dys·acou·sia; dys·adaptation; dys·ar·thria; dys·arthrosis; dys·che·zia; dys·chon·dro·pla·sia; dys·chromatopsia; dys·cra·sia; dys·cra·site; dys·crystalline; dys·der·cus; dys·en·ter·ic; dys·en·ter·i·form; dys·en·tery; dys·er·gia; dys·esthesia;… …   English syllables

  • tery — adul·tery; ap·tery; ar·tery; bap·tis·tery; bat·tery; bat·tery·man; blis·tery; blus·tery; bot·tery; cat·tery; cau·tery; cem·e·tery; char·ac·tery; clat·tery; di·cas·tery; duf·tery; dys·en·tery; ef·fron·tery; es·o·tery; flat·tery; flut·tery;… …   English syllables

  • dysentery — dys·en·tery …   English syllables

  • Dysentery — Inflammation of the intestine, often with pain, diarrhea, bloody stools, etc. It is usually caused by infestation of the bowel by an ameba. Dysentery can be fatal, usually due to severe dehydration. Treatment includes rapid rehydration, sometimes …   Medical dictionary

  • pseudodysentery — Occurrence of symptoms indistinguishable from those of bacillary dysentery, due to causes other than the presence of the specific microorganisms of bacillary dysentery. * * * pseu·do·dys·en·tery (soo″do disґən ter″e) a condition… …   Medical dictionary

  • o — abi·o·log·i·cal; ab·o·li·tion; ab·o·li·tion·ary; ab·o·li·tion·dom; ab·o·li·tion·ism; ab·o·li·tion·ist; ab·o·li·tion·ize; ab·o·ma·sal; ab·o·ma·sum; ac·an·thol·o·gy; ac·an·thop·o·dous; acar·i·dol·o·gist; ac·a·ri·nol·o·gy; acar·i·o·sis;… …   English syllables

  • tot — ami·tot·ic; ar·is·tot·le s; as·ymp·tot·ic; ath·e·tot·ic; au·tot·o·mize; au·tot·o·my; bathy·pi·tot·me·ter; blas·tot·o·my; cha·tot; col·le·tot·ri·chum; cy·tot·ro·pism; eryth·ro·blas·tot·ic; ex·os·tot·ic; hap·tot·ro·pism; his·tot·ro·pism;… …   English syllables