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dose report

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  • Dose area product — (DAP) is a quantity used in assessing the radiation risk from diagnostic X rays examination and interventional procedures. It reflects not only the dose within the radiation field but also the area of tissue irradiated. Therefore, it may be a… …   Wikipedia

  • Dose collective — Dans le domaine de la radioprotection, la « dose collective » est une unité qui a souvent été retenue pour exprimer les effets des rayonnements sur la santé, non pour un individu, mais pour une population. Dans ce cadre, la dose… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • dose — 1. The quantity of a drug or other remedy to be taken or applied all at one time or in fractional amounts within a given period. Cf.:dosage (2). 2. In nuclear medicine, amount of energy absorbed per unit mass of irradiated material (absorbed d.) …   Medical dictionary

  • Dose verification system — DVS (Dose Verification System), developed by Sicel Technologies, is an implantable telemetric, radiation sensor that has been cleared for use by the U.S. Food Drug Administration (FDA) in the treatment of breast cancer and prostate cancer. About… …   Wikipedia

  • TORCH report — The TORCH report (The Other Report on Chernobyl) was requested by the European Greens in 2006, for the twentieth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, in reply to a controversial report by the Chernobyl Forum.In 2006, German Green Member of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Situer l'importance d'une dose de radiation — Échelles et effets de doses de radiation Article principal : Radioprotection. Cette page donne une échelle des doses de radiation reçues dans divers contextes et leurs effets. Sommaire 1 Échelles de doses reçues 2 Effets déterministes… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Median lethal dose — This article is about the toxicological term. For the album by Mudvayne, see L.D. 50 (album). For other uses, see LD50 (disambiguation). In toxicology, the median lethal dose, LD50 (abbreviation for “Lethal Dose, 50%”), LC50 (Lethal Concentration …   Wikipedia

  • Committed effective dose equivalent (CEDE) — The committed effective dose equivalent or CEDE is an estimate of the radiation dose to a person resulting from inhalation or ingestion of a given amount of radioactive substance. The CEDE is expressed in rem or sieverts (Sv). It takes into… …   Wikipedia

  • Maximum tolerated dose — For dietary recommendation, see Tolerable upper intake levels. Maximum tolerated dose (MTD) refers to the highest dose of a radiological or pharmacological treatment that will produce the desired effect without unacceptable toxicity [1]. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Chernobyl disaster effects — The Chernobyl disaster triggered the release of substantial amounts of radiation into the atmosphere in the form of both particulate and gaseous radioisotopes. It is the most significant unintentional release of radiation into the environment to… …   Wikipedia

  • Food irradiation — The Radura logo, used to show a food has been treated with ionizing radiation. Food irradiation is the process of exposing food to ionizing radiation[1] to destroy microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, or ins …   Wikipedia

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