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digital representation

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  • digital representation — skaitmeninis vaizdavimas statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. digital representation vok. Digitaldarstellung, f rus. цифровое представление, n pranc. représentation digitale, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • Digital preservation — is the set of processes, activities and management of digital information over time to ensure its long term accessibility. The goal of digital preservation is to preserve materials resulting from digital reformatting, and particularly information …   Wikipedia

  • Digital philosophy — is a direction in philosophy and cosmology advocated by certain mathematicians and theoretical physicists, e.g., Gregory Chaitin, Edward Fredkin, Stephen Wolfram, and Konrad Zuse (see his Calculating Space). Digital philosophy grew out of an… …   Wikipedia

  • Digital Item — is the basic unit of transaction in the MPEG 21 framework. It is a structured digital object, including a standard representation, identification and metadata. A Digital Item may be a combination of resources like videos, audio tracks or images;… …   Wikipedia

  • Digital obsolescence — is a situation where a digital resource is no longer readable because the physical media, the reader required to read the media, the hardware, or the software that runs on it, is no longer available. A prime example of this is the BBC Domesday… …   Wikipedia

  • digital — dig i*tal (d[i^]j [i^]*tal), a. [L. digitals.] 1. Of or pertaining to the fingers; done with the fingers; as, digital compression; digital examination. [1913 Webster] 2. of or pertaining to digits[3]; expressed in digits[3], or using digits[3];… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Digital Weight Indicator — also commonly called Weight Indicator[1] [2] is a system of indication or recording of the selector type or one that advances intermittently in which all values are presented digitally, or in numbers. In a digital indicating or recording element …   Wikipedia

  • Digital audio sample — Digital audio samples are discrete values (numbers) which represent the amplitude of an audio signal taken at different points in time. A continuous signal can be sampled at some sampling rate and thus be converted into a digital representation… …   Wikipedia

  • Digital identity — For related uses, see Internet identity Digital identity is the aspect of digital technology that is concerned with the mediation of people s experience of their own identity and the identity of other people and things. Digital identity also has… …   Wikipedia

  • Digital — For other uses, see Digital (disambiguation). A digital system[1] is a data technology that uses discrete (discontinuous) values. By contrast, non digital (or analog) systems use a continuous range of values to represent information. Although… …   Wikipedia

  • Digital ID — A Digital ID can refer to: a Digital identity, the digital representation of a subject, or the set of claims made by one digital subject about itself or another digital subject, or a Public key certificate, also known as a Digital Certificate or… …   Wikipedia

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