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detailed project report

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  • Project Blue Book — was one of a series of systematic studies of Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.). Started in 1952, it was the second revival of such a study. A termination order was given for the study in… …   Wikipedia

  • Project NEXUS — is a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant funded project based at the University of Maryland, College Park and headed by Principal Investigator Dr. J. Randy McGinnis. Its purpose is to investigate an innovative model of teacher preparation.… …   Wikipedia

  • Project Grudge — was a short lived project by the U.S. Air Force to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Grudge succeeded Project Sign in February, 1949, and was then followed by Project Blue Book. The project formally ended in December 1949, but… …   Wikipedia

  • Project Sign — was an official U.S. government study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) undertaken by the United States Air Force in late 1947 and dissolved in late 1948. Formally, Project Sign came to no conclusion about UFOs [see Blum, Howard, Out There:… …   Wikipedia

  • Project Mogul — (sometimes referred to as Operation Mogul) was a top secret project by the US Army Air Forces involving microphones flown on high altitude balloons, whose primary purpose was long distance detection of sound waves generated by Soviet atomic bomb… …   Wikipedia

  • Project MINARET — was a sister project to Project SHAMROCK operated by the NSA, which, after intercepting electronic communications that contained the names of predesignated US citizens, passed them to other government law enforcement and intelligence… …   Wikipedia

  • Project SHAMROCK — Project SHAMROCK, considered to be the sister project for Project MINARET, was an espionage exercise that involved the accumulation of all telegraphic data entering into or exiting from the United States. The Armed Forces Security Agency… …   Wikipedia

  • Project Boreas — was a study conducted between 2003 and 2006 by the British Interplanetary Society to design a station for the Martian North Pole [Project Boreas: A Station for the Martian Geographic North Pole, Editor C. S. Cockell, British Interplanetary… …   Wikipedia

  • Project charter — In project management, a project charter or project definition (sometimes called the terms of reference) is a statement of the scope, objectives and participants in a project. It provides a preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities,… …   Wikipedia

  • Project MINARET — Le Project MINARET était un exercice d espionnage exécuté en sol américain. Dans le cadre d un programme conjoint, le Project SHAMROCK, tous les télégrammes entrant ou sortant des États Unis étaient interceptés et analysés par l’Armed Forces… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Project SHAMROCK — Le Project SHAMROCK était un exercice d espionnage exécuté en sol américain. Il consistait en l accumulation de données relatives à tous les télégrammes entrant ou sortant des États Unis. L’Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA) et son successeur,… …   Wikipédia en Français

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