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demand oxygen system

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  • demand oxygen system — An oxygen system in which oxygen is supplied only when the wearer inhales. This is as opposed to a continuous flow oxygen system, in which oxygen is constantly supplied irrespective of whether the person is inhaling or exhaling. A typical demand… …   Aviation dictionary

  • pressure demand oxygen system — A demand oxygen system that supplies diluted oxygen at lower heights and 100% oxygen under pressure at higher heights. The oxygen under pressure is forced into the lungs of the wearer. See demand oxygen system …   Aviation dictionary

  • diluter-demand oxygen system — An aircraft oxygen system that delivers mixed, or diluted with air, oxygen to maintain a constant partial pressure of oxygen as the altitude changes. The system allows 100% oxygen to be supplied in an emergency. See also demand oxygen system …   Aviation dictionary

  • constant-flow oxygen system — An oxygen system in which oxygen is fed to the crew at a steady rate, unlike the demand system, in which oxygen is supplied only on demand. Also called a continuous flow oxygen system …   Aviation dictionary

  • Oxygen mask — A plastic oxygen mask on an ER patient. An oxygen mask provides a method to transfer breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank to the lungs. Oxygen masks may cover the nose and mouth (oral nasal mask) or the entire face (full face mask). They may… …   Wikipedia

  • Oxygen concentrator — A home oxygen concentrator in situ in an emphysema patient s house. The model shown is the DeVILBISS LT 4000 …   Wikipedia

  • Oxygen sensor — Contents 1 Automotive applications 1.1 Function of a lambda probe 1.2 The probe …   Wikipedia

  • Oxygen — This article is about the chemical element and its most stable form, O2 or dioxygen. For other forms of this element, see Allotropes of oxygen. For other uses, see Oxygen (disambiguation). nitrogen ← oxygen → fluorine ↑ O ↓ …   Wikipedia

  • System, autonomic nervous — Part of the nervous system that was once thought to be functionally independent of the brain. The autonomic nervous system regulates key functions of the body including the activity of the heart muscle (see below), the smooth muscles (e.g., the… …   Medical dictionary

  • demand system — noun : an oxygen dispensing system which automatically adjusts the rate of flow to the demand of a flyer s body as the altitude changes …   Useful english dictionary

  • System, cardiac conduction — The electrical conduction system that controls the heart rate. This system generates electrical impulses and conducts them throughout the muscle of the heart, stimulating the heart to contract and pump blood. Among the major elements in the… …   Medical dictionary

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