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dark-line spectrum

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  • dark-line spectrum — noun : a line spectrum produced by the passage of white light through an ionized gas or vapor * * * dark line spectrum «DAHRK LYN», a spectrum of dark lines on a bright background: »Sunlight produces a dark line spectrum (Robert H. Baker) …   Useful english dictionary

  • line spectrum — n. 1. a spectrum that consists of narrow, brightly colored, parallel lines on a dark background, emitted by a low pressurized glowing gas 2. a spectrum that consists of narrow, dark, parallel lines on a brightly colored background, produced from… …   English World dictionary

  • bright-line spectrum — noun : an emission spectrum consisting of bright lines against a dark background * * * bright line spectrum «BRYT LYN», a spectrum composed of a pattern of brightly colored lines on a dark background, having as its source of light a glowing gas… …   Useful english dictionary

  • dark line — n. Physics a line in an absorption spectrum, appearing as a black line at visible wavelengths …   Useful english dictionary

  • spectrum — /spek treuhm/, n., pl. spectra / treuh/, spectrums. 1. Physics. a. an array of entities, as light waves or particles, ordered in accordance with the magnitudes of a common physical property, as wavelength or mass: often the band of colors… …   Universalium

  • Dark Side of the Moon Tour — World tour by Pink Floyd Associated album The Dark Side of the Moon Start date 17 January 1972 End date 04 November 1973 …   Wikipedia

  • Dark Star (song) — Dark Star Single by Grateful Dead B side Born Cross Eyed Released April 1968 Format 7 Recorded …   Wikipedia

  • Dark energy — Not to be confused with dark matter, dark fluid, or dark flow. Physical cosmology …   Wikipedia

  • line — 1. A mark, strip, or streak. In anatomy, a long, narrow mark, strip, or streak distinguished from the adjacent tissues by color, texture, or elevation. SEE ALSO: linea. 2. A unit of …   Medical dictionary

  • absorption line — noun : a dark line in the absorption spectrum of a gas or a vapor * * * absorption line, a dark line in a continuous spectrum of white light caused by the natural or artificial absorption of the wavelengths of light radiating from the atoms of a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • reversed line — noun also reversed spectrum line : a strong line in an emission spectrum that has a dark line down its middle due to absorption by the colder vapor which surrounds the central luminous vapor …   Useful english dictionary

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