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current algebra

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  • Current algebra — is a mathematical framework in quantum field theory where the fields form a Lie algebra under their commutation relations. For instance, in a non Abelian Yang–Mills symmetry, where ρ is the charge density, where f are the structure constants of… …   Wikipedia

  • current algebra — current algebra, a form of algebra used in the study of charged elementary particles: »Current algebra involves a set of mathematical relations [in which] the term “current” refers to a current of some property of a particle in analogy with… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Algebra & Number Theory — (ISSN 1937 0652) is a peer reviewed mathematics journal published by the nonprofit organization Mathematical Sciences Publishers. [ [http://www.mathscipub.org/journals.html Mathematical Sciences Publishers journals] ] It was launched on January… …   Wikipedia

  • algebra — /al jeuh breuh/, n. 1. the branch of mathematics that deals with general statements of relations, utilizing letters and other symbols to represent specific sets of numbers, values, vectors, etc., in the description of such relations. 2. any of… …   Universalium

  • Dirac equation in the algebra of physical space — v · Paravector algebra Applications in Physics …   Wikipedia

  • C*-algebra — C* algebras (pronounced C star ) are an important area of research in functional analysis, a branch of mathematics. The prototypical example of a C* algebra is a complex algebra A of linear operators on a complex Hilbert space with two additional …   Wikipedia

  • Geometric algebra — In mathematical physics, a geometric algebra is a multilinear algebra described technically as a Clifford algebra over a real vector space equipped with a non degenerate quadratic form. Informally, a geometric algebra is a Clifford algebra that… …   Wikipedia

  • Canonical form (Boolean algebra) — In Boolean algebra, any Boolean function can be expressed in a canonical form using the dual concepts of minterms and maxterms. Minterms are called products because they are the logical AND of a set of variables, and maxterms are called sums… …   Wikipedia

  • New algebra — The new algebra or symbolic analysis is a formalization of algebra promoted by François Viète in 1591 and by his successors (after 1603). It marks the beginning of the algebraic formalization (late sixteenth the early seventeenth centuries).… …   Wikipedia

  • N = 2 superconformal algebra — In mathematical physics, the N = 2 superconformal algebra is an infinite dimensional Lie superalgebra, related to supersymmetry, that occurs in string theory and conformal field theory. It has important applications in mirror symmetry.… …   Wikipedia

  • Super Virasoro algebra — In mathematical physics, a super Virasoro algebra is an extension of the Virasoro algebra to a Lie superalgebra. There are two extensions with particular importance in superstring theory: the Ramond algebra (named after Pierre Ramond) and the… …   Wikipedia


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