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corrie glacier

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  • corrie glacier —   the glacier found in a corrie which has been responsible for its formation …   Geography glossary

  • corrie — (also known as a cirque or cwm) a great bowl shaped hollow at the head of a glacial valley. Accumulation of snow in a depression over many years forms a niche glacier which then erodes the corrie by plucking and abrasion in a rotational movement …   Geography glossary

  • Cirque glacier — Lower Curtis Glacier is a corrie glacier in the North Cascades in the State of Washington A cirque glacier is formed in a cirque, bowl shaped depressions on the side of or near mountains. Snow and ice accumulation in corries often occurs as the… …   Wikipedia

  • Avalanche Corrie — (coord|60|40|S|45|22|W|) is an ice filled cirque, or corrie, close north of Amphibolite Point on the south coast of Coronation Island, in the South Orkney Islands. So named by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS), following their… …   Wikipedia

  • valley glacier —   a glacier which extends from a larger body of ice, often in a corrie, and moves downslope, initially following existing river channels but increasingly cutting its own bigger, straighter trough …   Geography glossary

  • snout —   the front end of a corrie glacier or valley glacier …   Geography glossary

  • каровый ледник — Ледник, расположенный в чашеобразном углублении горного склона. [ГОСТ 26463 85 ] Тематики ледники Обобщающие термины виды ледников EN corrie glacier DE Kargletscher FR glacier de cirque …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • bergschrund —   a large crevasse at the upper portion of a corrie glacier, close to the back wall …   Geography glossary

  • ледник каровый — Залегающий в каровой нише; имеет неправильную или овальную форму, лишь незначительно опускается ниже снеговой границы. [Словарь геологических терминов и понятий. Томский Государственный Университет] Тематики геология, геофизика Обобщающие термины …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • Bergschrund — A bergschrund is a crevasse that forms where the moving glacier ice separates from the stagnant ice above. It is often a serious obstacle for mountaineers, who sometimes abbreviate bergschrund to schrund .In a corrie or cirque, the bergschrund is …   Wikipedia

  • Cirque — For other uses, see Cirque (disambiguation). Two cirques with semi permanent snowpatches in Abisko National Park, Sweden …   Wikipedia

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