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convex area

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  • Convex geometry — is the branch of geometry studying convex sets, mainly in Euclidean space. Convex sets occur naturally in many areas of mathematics: computational geometry, convex analysis, discrete geometry, functional analysis, geometry of numbers, integral… …   Wikipedia

  • Local convex hull — (LoCoH) is a method for estimating the size the home range of an animal or a group of animals (e.g. a pack of wolves, a pride of lions, or herd of buffalos), and for constructing a utilization distribution. [Getz, W. M. and C. C. Wilmers, 2004. A …   Wikipedia

  • Lune (mathematics) — In geometry, a lune is either of two figures, both shaped roughly like a crescent Moon. The word lune derives from luna, the Latin word for Moon. Contents 1 Plane geometry 2 Spherical geometry 3 Lune of Hippocrates …   Wikipedia

  • nose slope —    [ geomorphology ]    A geomorphic component of hills consisting of the projecting end (laterally convex area) of a hillside, resulting in predominantly divergent overland water flow (e.g., sheet wash); contour lines generally form convex… …   Glossary of landform and geologic terms

  • playa slope —    (colloquial: Southern High Plains)    The generally concave to slightly convex area within a playa basin that lies between the relatively level playa floor below (or playa step, if present) and the convex playa rim above. Overland flow is… …   Glossary of landform and geologic terms

  • Calculus of variations — is a field of mathematics that deals with extremizing functionals, as opposed to ordinary calculus which deals with functions. A functional is usually a mapping from a set of functions to the real numbers. Functionals are often formed as definite …   Wikipedia

  • Quadrilateral — This article is about four sided mathematical shapes. For other uses, see Quadrilateral (disambiguation). Quadrilateral Six different types of quadrilaterals Edges and vertices 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Polygon — For other uses, see Polygon (disambiguation). Some polygons of different kinds In geometry a polygon (   …   Wikipedia

  • Insect morphology — Legend of body parts Tagmata : A Head, B Thorax, C Abdomen. 1. antenna 2. ocelli (lower) 3. ocelli (upper) 4. compound eye 5. brain (cerebral ganglia) 6. prothorax …   Wikipedia

  • Insect wing — Original veins and wing posture of a dragonfly. Hoverflies hovering to mate …   Wikipedia

  • combinatorics — /keuhm buy neuh tawr iks, tor , kom beuh /, n. (used with singular v.) See combinatorial analysis. * * * Branch of mathematics concerned with the selection, arrangement, and combination of objects chosen from a finite set. The number of possible… …   Universalium


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