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conversion efficiency

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  • conversion efficiency — keitimo naudingumo koeficientas statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. conversion efficiency vok. Konversionswirkungsgrad, m; Umwandlungswirkungsgrad, m rus. коэффициент полезного действия преобразования, m pranc. rendement de… …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

  • conversion efficiency — a measurement of fish growth as a %, equal to G/R x 100 where G is the specific growth rate and R is the ration in % weight of body weight per day …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Conversion Efficiency —   The amount of energy produced as a percentage of the amount of energy consumed.   *** (cell or module)   The ratio of the electric energy produced by a photovoltaic device (under one sun conditions) to the energy from sunlight incident upon the …   Energy terms

  • Energy conversion efficiency — Output energy is always lower than input energy …   Wikipedia

  • Efficiency — as a technical term may refer to: * Algorithmic efficiency, optimizing the speed and memory requirements of a computer program * Efficient energy use, useful work per quantity of energy ** Energy conversion efficiency, desired energy output per… …   Wikipedia

  • feed conversion efficiency — a measure of the effectiveness of a formulated fish diet expressed as the weight in kilogrammes of feed needed to produce 1 kilogramme of fish flesh in aquaculture …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • food conversion efficiency — the amount of food required to produce a certain amount of wet weight in an aquaculture species. Wet foods have a higher value than dry foods because of the difference in moisture content, a lower value being more efficient. Also expressed as a… …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Photovoltaic (Conversion) Efficiency —   The ratio of the electric power produced by a photovoltaic device to the power of the sunlight incident on the device …   Energy terms

  • Photovoltaic (PV) conversion efficiency —   The ratio of the electric power produced by a photovoltaic device to the power of the sunlight incident on the device.   Solar Electric Glossary …   Energy terms

  • Efficiency of conversion — The efficiency of conversion of ingested food to body substance (ECI), can be used to compare the weight different animals gain after eating a certain quantity of feed. Effectively represents efficiencies of both digestion (approximate… …   Wikipedia

  • Fuel efficiency — is a form of thermal efficiency, meaning the efficiency of a process that converts chemical potential energy contained in a carrier fuel into kinetic energy or work. Overall fuel efficiency may vary per device, which in turn may vary per… …   Wikipedia

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