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containment categories

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  • Containment (disambiguation) — Containment may refer to: Containment, a foreign policy used by the United States during the Cold War Containment building, a structure that encloses a nuclear reactor Containment, a measure of prevention of a fire spreading, in firefighting,… …   Wikipedia

  • Containment (RTS) — Containment, is a term used in real time strategy s to describe the act of controlling an enemy player s advancement, while often expanding oneself. Containment is a tactic most commonly used in the real time strategy, StarCraft. It often… …   Wikipedia

  • Containment building — NRC drawing of containment building. A containment building, in its most common usage, is a steel or reinforced concrete structure enclosing a nuclear reactor. It is designed, in any emergency, to contain the escape of radiation to a maximum… …   Wikipedia

  • Containment — This article is about the United States policy. For other uses, see Containment (disambiguation). A 1962 nuclear explosion as seen through the periscope of a U.S. Navy submarine. Containment was a United States policy using military, economic,… …   Wikipedia

  • Containment field — In Dan Simmons s Hyperion universe, the containment field is a common technology with many uses varying from military defense shield to civilian safety restraint. The containment field is apparently a type of controlled force field of varying… …   Wikipedia

  • Containment order — In the mathematical field of order theory, a containment order is the partial order that arises as the subset containment relation on some collection of objects. In a simple way, every poset P = (≤, X) is (isomorphic to) a containment order (like …   Wikipedia

  • Categories of manifolds — In mathematics, specifically geometry and topology, there are many different notions of manifold, with more or less structure, and corresponding notions of map between manifolds , each of which yields a different category and its own… …   Wikipedia

  • Containment — Endiguement L endiguement (« containment » en anglais) est la stratégie de politique étrangère adoptée par les États Unis après guerre. L endiguement visait à stopper l extension de la zone d influence soviétique au delà de ses limites… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Containment (computer programming) — For other uses, see Containment (disambiguation). In OOP supported languages, containership means an object is created within another object. For Example in C++: class A { int a; }x; class B { A y; // All the data members and member functions of… …   Wikipedia

  • Boom (containment) — Oil spill containment boom shown holding back oil A containment boom is a temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill. Booms are used to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, and to help make recovery… …   Wikipedia

  • Domestic containment in post–World War II America — Domestic containment was the domestic manifestation of the foreign policy of containment, articulated in 1947 by Foreign Service officer George F. Kennan. When applied to a domestic context, containment produced a suppression of all social and… …   Wikipedia

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