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construct a graph

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  • graph — [ græf ] noun count ** a picture that uses lines or curves to show the relationship between numbers or measurements that change: The graph shows that the number of working mothers is increasing. draw/plot/construct a graph: You can then draw a… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • graph */*/ — UK [ɡrɑːf] / UK [ɡræf] / US [ɡræf] noun [countable] Word forms graph : singular graph plural graphs maths a picture that uses lines or curves to show the relationship between numbers or measurements that change The graph shows that the number of… …   English dictionary

  • Graph drawing — This article is about the general subject of graph drawing. For the annual research symposium, see International Symposium on Graph Drawing. Graphic representation of a minute fraction of the WWW, demonstrating hyperlinks. Graph drawing is an… …   Wikipedia

  • graph — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ bar, line VERB + GRAPH ▪ construct (esp. AmE), create (esp. AmE), draw, produce ▪ plot (sth on) …   Collocations dictionary

  • construct — verb Construct is used with these nouns as the object: ↑argument, ↑barricade, ↑bomb, ↑building, ↑canal, ↑dam, ↑dock, ↑facility, ↑garage, ↑graph, ↑hypothesis, ↑ …   Collocations dictionary

  • Minor (graph theory) — In graph theory, an undirected graph H is called a minor of the graph G if H is isomorphic to a graph that can be obtained by zero or more edge contractions on a subgraph of G. The theory of graph minors began with Wagner s theorem that a graph… …   Wikipedia

  • Covering graph — In the mathematical discipline of graph theory, a graph C is a covering graph of another graph G if there is a covering map from the vertex set of C to the vertex set of G. A covering map f is a surjection and a local isomorphism: the… …   Wikipedia

  • Planar graph — Example graphs Planar Nonplanar Butterfly graph K5 The complete graph K4 …   Wikipedia

  • Line graph — This article is about the mathematical concept. For statistical presentation method, see line chart. In graph theory, the line graph L(G) of undirected graph G is another graph L(G) that represents the adjacencies between edges of G. The name… …   Wikipedia

  • Median graph — The median of three vertices in a median graph In mathematics, and more specifically graph theory, a median graph is an undirected graph in which any three vertices a, b, and c have a unique median: a vertex m(a,b,c) that belongs to shortest… …   Wikipedia

  • Crossing number (graph theory) — A drawing of the Heawood graph with three crossings. This is the minimum number of crossings among all drawings of this graph, so the graph has crossing number cr(G) = 3. In graph theory, the crossing number cr(G) of a graph G is the… …   Wikipedia

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