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constraint equation

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  • Constraint counting — In mathematics, constraint counting is a crude but often useful way of counting the number of free functions needed to specify a solution to a partial differential equation. Contents 1 Einstein strength 1.1 Linear equations 1.2 General solution… …   Wikipedia

  • Constraint algorithm — In mechanics, a constraint algorithm is a method for satisfying constraints for bodies that obey Newton s equations of motion. There are three basic approaches to satisfying such constraints: choosing novel unconstrained coordinates ( internal… …   Wikipedia

  • Constraint algebra — In theoretical physics, a constraint algebra is a linear space of all constraints and all of their polynomial functions or functionals whose action on the physical vectors of the Hilbert space should be equal to zero. For example, in… …   Wikipedia

  • Klein–Gordon equation — Quantum mechanics Uncertainty principle …   Wikipedia

  • Concurrent constraint logic programming — is a version of constraint logic programming aimed primarily at programming concurrent processes rather than (or in addition to) solving constraint satisfaction problems. Goals in constraint logic programming are evaluated concurrently; a… …   Wikipedia

  • Discrete Poisson equation — In mathematics, the discrete Poisson equation is the finite difference analog of the Poisson equation. In it, the discrete Laplace operator takes the place of the Laplace operator. The discrete Poisson equation is frequently used in numerical… …   Wikipedia

  • Wheeler–deWitt equation — In theoretical physics, the Wheeler DeWitt equation [DeWitt, B.S., “Quantum Theory of Gravity. I. The Canonical Theory”, Phys. Rev., 160, 1113 1148, (1967).] is a functional differential equation. It is ill defined in the general case, but very… …   Wikipedia

  • Wave equation — Not to be confused with Wave function. The wave equation is an important second order linear partial differential equation for the description of waves – as they occur in physics – such as sound waves, light waves and water waves. It arises in… …   Wikipedia

  • Appell's equation of motion — In classical mechanics, Appell s equation of motion is an alternative general formulation of classical mechanics described by Paul Émile Appell in 1900cite journal | last = Appell | first = P | year = 1900 | title = Sur une forme générale des… …   Wikipedia

  • Hunter–Saxton equation — In mathematical physics, the Hunter–Saxton equationHunter Saxton 1991] :(u t + u u x) x = frac{1}{2} , u x^2is an integrable PDE that arises in the theoretical study of nematic liquid crystals. If the molecules in the liquid crystal are initially …   Wikipedia

  • Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff equation — In astrophysics, the Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff (TOV) equation constrains the structure of a spherically symmetric body of isotropic material which is in static gravitational equilibrium, as modelled by general relativity. The equation[1] is Here …   Wikipedia

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