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conditional languages

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  • Conditional (programming) — Conditional statement redirects here. For the general concept in logic, see Material conditional. In computer science, conditional statements, conditional expressions and conditional constructs are features of a programming language which perform …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional — may refer to: Causal conditional, if X then Y, where X is a cause of Y Conditional mood (or conditional tense), a verb form in many languages Conditional probability, the probability of an event A given that another event B has occurred… …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional mood — In linguistics, the conditional mood (abbreviated cond) is the inflectional form of the verb used in the independent clause of a conditional sentence to refer to a hypothetical state of affairs, or an uncertain event, that is contingent on… …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional sentence — For the non custodial punishment for a crime in Canada, see conditional sentence (Canada). In grammar, conditional sentences are sentences discussing factual implications or hypothetical situations and their consequences. Languages use a variety… …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional loop — In computer programming, conditional loops or repetitive control structures are a way for computer programs to repeat one or more various steps depending on conditions set either by the programmer initially or real time by the actual program. A… …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional perfect — In linguistics, the conditional perfect is the composed (compound) form of the conditional mood. It refers to a hypothetical action in the past, contingent on something else that did not occur in the past. The difference from the present form of… …   Wikipedia

  • conditional — /kənˈdɪʃənəl / (say kuhn dishuhnuhl) adjective 1. imposing, containing, or depending on a condition or conditions; not absolute; made or granted on certain terms: a conditional agreement; a conditional jail sentence. 2. Grammar (of a sentence,… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • Conditional compilation — Not to be confused with Conditional compilation in JScript. In computer programming, conditional compilation refers to methods which allow the compiler to produce slight differences in a program depending on parameters that are provided during… …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional assembly language — A Conditional Assembly Language is that part of an Assembly Language used to write macros. Example In the IBM conditional assembly language, the most important statements are: MACRO and MEND used to start and finish a macro AIF, AGO, ANOP, AEND,… …   Wikipedia

  • conditional — conditionality, n. conditionally, adv. /keuhn dish euh nl/, adj. 1. imposing, containing, subject to, or depending on a condition or conditions; not absolute; made or allowed on certain terms: conditional acceptance. 2. Gram. (of a sentence,… …   Universalium

  • conditional — con•di•tion•al [[t]kənˈdɪʃ ə nl[/t]] adj. 1) imposing, containing, subject to, or depending on a condition; not absolute: conditional acceptance[/ex] 2) gram. (of a sentence, clause, mood, or word) involving or expressing a condition, as the… …   From formal English to slang


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