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computer-generated turbulence

  • 1 computer-generated turbulence

    Авиасловарь > computer-generated turbulence

  • 2 turbulence

    atmospheric turbulence
    clear-air turbulence
    computer-generated turbulence
    continuous turbulence
    fountain turbulence
    heavy turbulence
    homogeneous turbulence
    isotropic turbulence
    jet turbulence
    large-scale turbulence
    low-flying turbulence
    moderate turbulence
    multiscale turbulence
    near-wall turbulence
    negligible turbulence
    severe turbulence
    shipwake turbulence
    shock-generated turbulence
    small-scale turbulence
    stationary turbulence
    synthetic turbulence
    wake turbulence
    wall turbulence
    wind shear turbulence
    wind-tunnel turbulence

    Авиасловарь > turbulence

  • 3 input

    1. вход; ввод/ входной, на входе; вводимый
    2. входное воздействие, входной сигнал; входные данные
    3. входное устройство; устройство ввода
    4. подача; подвод
    input at the stick
    abusive input
    actuator input
    aerodynamic input
    aggravated control inputs
    aileron input
    aileron pulse input
    angle-of-attack input
    antispin-control input
    aural input
    blowing input
    cockpit input
    collective input
    column input
    command input
    computer-generated input
    control input
    control column input
    control law input
    controller input
    corrective input
    coupled control input
    cross control input
    cyclic input
    damper input
    design input
    differential tail input
    disturbance input
    double rectangular input
    doublet input
    doublet control input
    elevator input
    engine input
    fault input
    feed-forward input
    filtered input
    flight test input
    force input
    fore and aft cyclic control input
    frequency-sweep input
    full-stick input
    geometric input
    geometry input
    governing input
    ground input
    guidance input
    gust input
    half-authority control input
    heave input
    hierarchy input
    high-frequency input
    higher harmonic rotor input
    horsepower input
    incremental input
    integrator input
    large-deflection input
    lateral input
    lateral control input
    lateral cyclic control input
    lateral stick input
    lateral-directional inputs
    longitudinal cyclic input
    low-frequency input
    mechanical input
    misapplied control input
    modal input
    model input
    motion input
    multiaxis inputs
    multistep input
    multivariable input
    navigation input
    noise input
    nonswept input
    nose down input
    nose-up input
    off-axis input
    off-axis inputs
    optical input
    oscillatory input
    pilot input
    pilot force input
    pilot-commanded input
    pilot-generated input
    pitch input
    pitch rate gyro input
    pitch stick input
    pitch-control input
    plant input
    point input
    power lever input
    prefiltered input
    pressure input
    pro-spin input
    pulse input
    ramp input
    rectangular input
    roll control input
    roll rate gyro input
    roll stick input
    roll-to-right input
    rotor pitch input
    rudder input
    rudder pedal input
    rudder triple input
    runway inputs
    sensor input
    sidestick input
    single-stick input
    sinusoidal input
    slow input
    smooth input
    state-space input
    step input
    stick input
    stick force input
    stickback input
    STOL guidance input
    study input
    supportability input
    swept input
    system input
    tail angular input
    test input
    torque input
    trajectory input
    triangular input
    trim input
    triplet input
    turbulence input
    two-dimensional input
    unevenness input
    velocity step input
    vibratory inputs
    visual input

    Авиасловарь > input

  • 4 cue

    1. информационное воздействие, информационный сигнал
    2. воспринимаемое < человеком- оператором> свойство < объекта>; признак; ориентир/ ориентировать
    3. <pl> осведомительная информация; информационная среда
    acceleration cues
    afterburner visual cues
    aiming cues
    alerting cues
    AOA cue
    artificial cue
    audible cues
    audio cues
    balance cues
    cockpit cues
    command cues
    computer-generated cues
    control force cues
    display cues
    electronic cues
    environment cues
    environmental cues
    equipment cues
    false cues
    firing cues
    flying cues
    fore-and-aft motion cues
    greyout cues
    guidance cues
    high-AOA warning cue
    instrument cues
    kinesthetic cues
    lateral cues
    low-altitude turbulence cues
    motion cues
    natural warning cue
    night/dusk visual cues
    noise cues
    nonvisual cues
    obstruction cues
    on-set cues
    out-of-the-window cues
    out-the-window cues
    outside cues
    path cue
    peripheral vision cues
    peripheral visual cues
    pilot cues
    pitch cues
    release cues
    roll cues
    rotation cues
    rotational visual cues
    seat-of-the pants cues
    sound cues
    speed cues
    sustained cues
    tactile cues
    target-predicting cues
    terrain-avoidance cues
    terrain-following cues
    transient cues
    translational visual cues
    visual cue
    visual cues
    visual field cues
    warning cue

    Авиасловарь > cue

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