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  • 1 computer

    (a usually large electronic machine capable of storing and processing large amounts of information and of performing calculations: The whole process is done by computer; PC means `personal computer'; a computer game; a computer program.) kompiuteris
    - computerise

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > computer

  • 2 personal computer

    noun ((also PC) a small computer that can be used independently by an individual user for word-processing, games, e-mail, storage of information. etc.) asmeninis kompiuteris

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > personal computer

  • 3 literacy

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > literacy

  • 4 portable computer

    noun nešiojamasis kompiuteris

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > portable computer

  • 5 access code

    noun (a combination of characters that is used to obtain permission to enter a computer or a communication network.) kreipties kodas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > access code

  • 6 advanced

    adjective (having made a lot of progress; at a high level: an advanced computer course; in the advanced stages of the illness.) pažengęs į priekį

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > advanced

  • 7 back up

    1) (to support or encourage: The new evidence backed up my arguments.) paremti
    2) (to make a copy of the information stored on the computer or disk.) daryti rezervinę/atsarginę kopiją

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > back up

  • 8 backup

    1) (additional people who provide help when it is needed: The police officer requested some backup when the shooting began.) pastiprinimas, parama
    2) (a copy of a computer file that can be used in case the original is destroyed.) rezervinė kopija
    3) (( also adjective) a piece of equipment, a system etc that can be used when there is a problem with the original one: a backup plan; We have a backup generator in case the power fails.) atsarginė sistema; atsarginis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > backup

  • 9 bar code

    noun (a code in the form of parallel lines printed on goods from which the computer reads information about their price etc.) brūkšninis kodas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > bar code

  • 10 browse

    1. verb
    1) ((of animals) to feed (on shoots or leaves of plants).) vartinėti, žiūrinėti
    2) ((of people) to glance through a book etc casually: I don't want to buy a book - I'm just browsing.) skabyti, ganytis
    3) (to search computer material, especially on a worldwide network.) naršyti
    2. noun
    1) (shoots, twigs or leaves as food for cattle.)
    2) (an act of browsing.) vartinëjimas, skabymas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > browse

  • 11 browser

    1) (a person who browses.) naršytojas
    2) (a computer program for searching, especially on a worldwide network.) naršyklė

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > browser

  • 12 byte

    (a unit of memory in a computer equal to eight bits.) baitas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > byte

  • 13 CD-ROM

    noun (abbreviation) (compact disk read-only memory; a disk which stores information that can be displayed on a computer.) pastovios programos atminties kompaktinis diskas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > CD-ROM

  • 14 code

    [kəud] 1. noun
    1) (a collection of laws or rules: a code of behaviour.) kodeksas
    2) (a (secret) system of words, letters, or symbols: the Morse Code; The message was in code; We have deciphered the enemy's code.) kodas, šifras
    3) (a system of symbols etc for translating one type of language into another: There are a number of codes for putting English into a form usable by a computer.) kodas
    2. verb
    (to put into (secret, computer etc) code: Have you coded the material for the computer?) (už)koduoti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > code

  • 15 computerise

    verb (to put (information etc) into a form suitable for use by a computer: Are you intending to computerize your book-ordering system?) kompiuterizuoti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > computerise

  • 16 computerize

    verb (to put (information etc) into a form suitable for use by a computer: Are you intending to computerize your book-ordering system?) kompiuterizuoti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > computerize

  • 17 CPU

    [,si: pi: 'ju:]
    (Central Processing Unit; a central computer unit that controls the activities of other units connected to it.) centrinis procesorius

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > CPU

  • 18 crash

    [kræʃ] 1. noun
    1) (a noise as of heavy things breaking or falling on something hard: I heard a crash, and looked round to see that he'd dropped all the plates.) trenksmas
    2) (a collision: There was a crash involving three cars.) avarija, sudužimas, susidūrimas
    3) (a failure of a business etc: the Wall Street crash.) krachas, bankrotas
    4) (a sudden failure of a computer: A computer crash is very costly.)
    2. verb
    1) (to (cause to) fall with a loud noise: The glass crashed to the floor.) su trenksmu (nu)kristi, sudaužyti
    2) (to drive or be driven violently (against, into): He crashed (his car); His car crashed into a wall.) su- daužyti, trenktis
    3) ((of aircraft) to land or be landed in such a way as to be damaged or destroyed: His plane crashed in the mountains.) sudužti, numušti
    4) ((of a business) to fail.) patirti bankrotą
    5) (to force one's way noisily (through, into): He crashed through the undergrowth.) brautis
    6) ((of a computer) to stop working suddenly: If the computer crashes, we may lose all our files.)
    3. adjective
    (rapid and concentrated: a crash course in computer technology.) intensyvus
    - crash-land

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > crash

  • 19 crinkle

    (to (cause to) wrinkle or curl: The paper is too crinkled for use in my computer's printer.) su(si)raukšlėti, su(si)glamžyti, garbanoti(s)

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > crinkle

  • 20 data

    (or noun singular facts or information (especially the information given to a computer): All the data has/have been fed into the computer.) duomenys
    - data-processing

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > data

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