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complex inheritance

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  • complex inheritance — kompleksinis paveldimumas statusas T sritis augalininkystė apibrėžtis Visuma kartu (kompleksiškai) paveldimų požymių. atitikmenys: angl. complex inheritance rus. комплексная наследственность …   Žemės ūkio augalų selekcijos ir sėklininkystės terminų žodynas

  • complex inheritance — multifactorial i …   Medical dictionary

  • Inheritance (computer science) — In object oriented programming, inheritance is a way to form new classes (instances of which are called objects) using classes that have already been defined. The inheritance concept was invented in 1967 for Simula. [ [http://heim.ifi.uio.no/… …   Wikipedia

  • Inheritance (object-oriented programming) — In object oriented programming (OOP), inheritance is a way to reuse code of existing objects, establish a subtype from an existing object, or both, depending upon programming language support. In classical inheritance where objects are defined by …   Wikipedia

  • Inheritance Cycle — The covers of the four books. Eragon Eldest Brisingr Inheritance Author …   Wikipedia

  • inheritance tax plan — There are several forms of available tax relief and accepted means of structuring ownership which enable holdings which enable individuals to alleviate the consequence of Inheritance Tax where ownership of family companies is passed to new… …   Law dictionary

  • inheritance — /in her i teuhns/, n. 1. something that is or may be inherited; property passing at the owner s death to the heir or those entitled to succeed; legacy. 2. the genetic characters transmitted from parent to offspring, taken collectively. 3.… …   Universalium

  • inheritance tax — a tax levied on the right of an heir to receive a decedent s property, the rate being a percentage of the value of the property. Also called death tax; Brit., death duty. Cf. estate tax. [1835 45] * * * Levy on the property accruing to each… …   Universalium

  • Complex (psychology) — For alternate usage, see complexity. A complex is a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme, such as power or status (Schultz, D. Schultz, S., 2009). Primarily a… …   Wikipedia

  • cytoplasmic inheritance — Inheritance of parental characters through a non chromosomal means; thus mitochondrial DNA is cytoplasmically inherited since the information is not segregated at mitosis. In a broader sense the organization of a cell may be inherited through the …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Dual inheritance theory — (DIT), also known as gene culture coevolution, was developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s to explain how human behavior is a product of two different and interacting evolutionary processes: genetic evolution and cultural evolution. DIT is a… …   Wikipedia


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