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complete as appropriate

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  • Complete Adventurer —   Genre(s) Role playing game Publisher Wizards of the Coast …   Wikipedia

  • complete — ► ADJECTIVE 1) having all the necessary or appropriate parts; entire. 2) having run its full course; finished. 3) to the greatest extent or degree; total. 4) skilled at every aspect of an activity: the complete footballer. 5) (complete with)… …   English terms dictionary

  • Complete lattice — In mathematics, a complete lattice is a partially ordered set in which all subsets have both a supremum (join) and an infimum (meet). Complete lattices appear in many applications in mathematics and computer science. Being a special instance of… …   Wikipedia

  • Complete theory — In mathematical logic, a theory is complete if it is a maximal consistent set of sentences, i.e., if it is consistent, and none of its proper extensions is consistent. For theories in logics which contain classical propositional logic, this is… …   Wikipedia

  • Complete list of downloadable songs for the Rock Band series — For Rock Band Track Packs, see List of Rock Band track packs. For Rock Band Network songs, see List of Rock Band Network songs. The Rock Band series of music video games supports downloadable songs for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii… …   Wikipedia

  • complete — adjective 1》 having all the necessary or appropriate parts; entire.     ↘(complete with) having as an additional feature. 2》 having run its full course; finished. 3》 to the greatest extent or degree; total: a complete surprise. 4》 (also compleat) …   English new terms dictionary

  • Complete active space — In quantum chemistry, a complete active space is a type of classification of molecular orbitals. Spatial orbitals are classified as belonging to three classes: core, always hold two electrons active, partially occupied orbitals virtual, always… …   Wikipedia

  • complete protein — a protein composed of amino acids in appropriate proportion to each other so that when it is the sole source of protein, the amino acids can all be used by the body; it is therefore more valuable for nutrition than is the partial protein (q.v.) …   Medical dictionary

  • Permanent is sharp-P-complete — The correct title of this article is Permanent is #P complete. The substitution or omission of the # sign is because of technical restrictions. In a 1979 paper Leslie Valiant proved[1] that the problem of computing the permanent of a matrix is #P …   Wikipedia

  • P-complete — In complexity theory, the notion of P complete decision problems is useful in the analysis of both: which problems are difficult to parallelize effectively, and; which problems are difficult to solve in limited space. Formally, a decision problem …   Wikipedia

  • AI-complete — In the field of artificial intelligence, the most difficult problems are informally known as AI complete or AI hard, implying that the difficulty of these computational problems is equivalent to solving the central artificial intelligence problem …   Wikipedia


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