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cohesion (noun)

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  • cohesion — ► NOUN ▪ the action or fact of holding together or forming a united whole …   English terms dictionary

  • Cohesion (linguistics) — Cohesion is the grammatical and lexical relationship within a text or sentence. Cohesion can be defined as the links that hold a text together and give it meaning. It is related to the broader concept of coherence There are two main types of… …   Wikipedia

  • Cohesion Fund — Co‧he‧sion Fund [kəʊˈhiːʒn ˌfʌnd ǁ koʊ ] noun ECONOMICS FINANCE part of the budget of the European Union, given to relatively poorer countries such as Spain and Greece to help them develop economically: • The Cohesion Fund contributed €586m to… …   Financial and business terms

  • cohesion — noun (U) 1 if there is cohesion among a group of people, a set of ideas etc, all the parts or members of it are connected or related in a reasonable way to form a whole: Religious beliefs can provide cohesion in diverse societies. 2 a close… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • cohesion — 1670s, from Fr. cohésion, from L. cohaesionem (nom. cohaesio) a sticking together, noun of action from pp. stem of cohaerere to stick together (see COHERE (Cf. cohere)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • cohesion — noun Etymology: Latin cohaesus, past participle of cohaerēre Date: 1660 1. the act or state of sticking together tightly; especially unity < the lack of cohesion in the Party Times Literary Supplement > 2. union …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cohesion — noun a) the state of cohering, or of working together Unit cohesion is important in the military. b) the various intermolecular forces that hold solids and liquids together Ant: adhesion See Also …   Wiktionary

  • cohesion — UK [kəʊˈhiːʒ(ə)n] / US [koʊˈhɪʒ(ə)n] noun [uncountable] 1) a situation in which people or things combine well to form a unit The common threat of war produces cohesion in a community. 2) linguistics a relationship between sentences or parts of a… …   English dictionary

  • cohesion — I (Roget s IV) n. Syn. union, attachment, adherence; see coherence 1 . II (Roget s Thesaurus II) noun The close physical union of two objects: adherence, adhesion, bond. See CONNECT …   English dictionary for students

  • cohesion — co|he|sion [ kou hiʒn ] noun uncount a situation in which people or things combine well to form a unit …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • cohesion — [kə(ʊ) hi:ʒ(ə)n] noun the action or fact of forming a united whole. ↘Physics the sticking together of particles of the same substance. Origin C17: from L. cohaes , cohaerere (see cohere) …   English new terms dictionary

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