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cockpit workload

  • 1 cockpit workload

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > cockpit workload

  • 2 cockpit workload

    Англо-русский словарь по авиационной медицине > cockpit workload

  • 3 cockpit workload

    рабочая загрузка летчика [экипажа]

    Авиасловарь > cockpit workload

  • 4 cockpit workload

    загрузка [рабочая нагрузка] экипажа [лётчика]

    Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary > cockpit workload

  • 5 cockpit workload test

    испытания по определению рабочей загрузки летчика [экипажа]

    Авиасловарь > cockpit workload test

  • 6 workload

    рабочая загрузка, загруженность < оператора>
    cockpit workload
    control workload
    crew workload
    dual-pilot workload
    handling workload
    manipulative workload
    mental workload
    navigation workload
    physical workload
    pilot workload
    pilot compensation workload
    single-pilot workload
    thrust workload
    visual workload

    Авиасловарь > workload

  • 7 workload

    Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary > workload

  • 8 test

    1. испытание, испытания; проверка; контроль; тестирование; опробование;
    см. тж. testing/ испытывать; проверять; контролировать; тестировать; опробовать
    2. тест; проба
    3. критерий; признак
    accelerate-stop tests
    accelerated mission test
    acceleration-deceleration test
    aerobatic flight tests
    aeroelastic tests
    agility test
    air resonance test
    air-to-air test
    air-to-air combat test
    airframe test
    airspeed calibration test
    all-attitude flight test
    asymmetric loads tests
    asymmetric wing sweep flight tests
    auto-guidance tests
    before-flight-rated tests
    bench test
    biaxial fatigue test
    bird impact test
    bird ingestion test
    bird strike test
    bird strike tests
    burn-in test
    burst pressure test
    catapult tests
    centrifugal load test
    centrifuge tests
    clean configuration test
    closed-loop test
    cockpit workload test
    combined-systems tests
    compatibility test
    component tests
    compression test
    computer-aided test
    constant amplitude test
    continued takeoff tests
    control test
    convergence test
    cooling test
    crack-detection tests
    crash test
    creep test
    crush tests
    cyclic tests
    damage tolerance test
    damage resistance test
    departure test
    depressed-trajectory test
    destruction test
    development tests
    divergence tests
    dual-frequency test
    durability test
    dynamometer tests
    electromagnetic interference tests
    electromagnetic-vulnerability test
    emergency survival test
    EMI tests
    endurance test
    engine reingestion test
    environmental test
    exploratory tests
    fatigue test
    flammability test
    flaps up landing tests
    flexure test
    flight clearance test
    flight simulation tests
    flight-by-flight fatigue test
    flight simulation fatigue tests
    flow field tests
    flow visualization tests
    flutter test
    flutter-proof tests
    flyover tests
    force tests
    forced oscillation tests
    foreign object damage test
    free oscillation tests
    free spinning facility tests
    free-flight test
    free-to-roll tests
    frequency response tests
    frequency-sweep test
    fuel runout test
    full-scale test
    ground effect test
    ground resonance test
    handling qualities tests
    hard-ride test
    heat tests
    heavyweight test
    high-angle-of-attack tests
    high-alpha test
    hover tests
    hover in-ground-effect test
    hover-in-ground test
    hovering tests
    humidity tests
    icing test
    impact test
    in-plant tests
    input-to-output tests
    iron bird tests
    landing test
    landing flap tests
    life roll test
    limit cycle tests
    limited-envelope flight test
    load-deflection test
    logic test
    low-observability test
    maneuvering tests
    manual flight tests
    modal test
    modal survey test
    mode interaction tests
    model tests of airfoils
    moire interferometry tests
    noise test
    nondestructive test
    normal takeoff tests
    Nyquist stability test
    open-loop tests
    operability test
    oscillatory tests
    overland tests
    oxygen tests
    performance test
    pilot-in-loop tests
    plenum-chamber burning tests
    post-flight test
    preflight test
    pressure test
    pressurization test
    proof-lood test
    proof-of-concept tests
    radar cross-section test
    radiographic test
    rain test
    ramp tests
    rate of climb test
    rejected takeoff test
    reliability test
    remote-site test
    repair test
    residual strength test
    resonance tests
    reverse-thrust tests
    rig test
    robustness test
    roll-on-rim test
    rolling test
    rotary-balance tests
    rough ground profile test
    shake test
    shakedown test
    shear test
    sideslip tests
    simulation verification test
    simulator test
    small-scale test
    smoke test
    spin tests
    spray ingestion test
    stability test
    stall tests
    static tests
    static strength test
    steady rolling tests
    steady state test
    stealth test
    stiffness test
    store compatibility test
    strength tests
    structural tests
    supercritical test
    system integration test
    tail on/off tests
    takeoff test
    taxy test
    tensile test
    tension test
    tethered test
    towing test
    transfer function tests
    validation tests
    vectored thrust test
    vibration test
    vulnerability test
    water-tank test
    waveoff tests
    wheel test
    whirl test
    wind blast test
    wind tunnel test
    wing-fatigue test
    wingborne mode flight test
    yaw oscillation tests
    zero-speed-zero-altitude test
    zero-zero test

    Авиасловарь > test

  • 9 environment

    (окружающая) среда; (внешние) условия; внешние факторы; внешние воздействия; (окружающая) обстановка
    aerodynamic environment
    air combat environment
    air defense environment
    avionics environment
    cabin environment
    CAS environment
    chemical environment
    climatic environment
    close air support environment
    closed-loop environment
    cockpit environment
    corrosive producting environment
    crash-impact environment
    design environment
    flight environment
    g environment
    ground environment
    heavy-jamming environment
    high-threat environment
    high-speed environment
    high-stress environment
    high-workload environment
    in-service environment
    inlet environment
    load environment
    low-level flight environment
    maintenance environment
    maneuvering environment
    mission environment
    multibogey environment
    multiphase environment
    multi-SAM environment
    nap-of-the-earth environment
    no-wind environment
    operating environment
    operational environment
    postattack ground environment
    resource constrained environment
    ride environment
    salt-water environment
    simulator environment
    stall environment
    threat environment
    turbulent environment
    vibration environment
    vibration-free environment
    visual environment
    wind environment

    Авиасловарь > environment

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