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  • 1 coastal

    adjective (of or near the coast: a coastal town.) krasta-; piekrastes-
    * * *
    krasta, piekrastes

    English-Latvian dictionary > coastal

  • 2 coastal waters

    piekrastes ūdeņi

    English-Latvian dictionary > coastal waters

  • 3 coast

    [kəust] 1. noun
    (the side or border of land next to the sea: The coast was very rocky.) krasts; piekraste
    2. verb
    (to travel downhill (in a vehicle, on a bicycle etc) without the use of any power such as the engine or pedalling: He coasted for two miles after the car ran out of petrol.) laisties lejup pa nogāzi
    - coaster
    - coastguard
    * * *
    piekraste, krasts; nobrauktuve, nokalne; nobrauciens; braukt gar krastu; braukt no ostas ostā; laisties lejup; viegli nolikt eksāmenu; būt narkotikas kaifā

    English-Latvian dictionary > coast

  • 4 mullet

    (an edible fish found in coastal waters.) kefale
    * * *

    English-Latvian dictionary > mullet

  • 5 pilot

    1. noun
    1) (a person who flies an aeroplane: The pilot and crew were all killed in the air crash.) pilots; lidotājs
    2) (a person who directs a ship in and out of a harbour, river, or coastal waters.) locis
    2. adjective
    (experimental: a pilot scheme (= one done on a small scale, eg to solve certain problems before a larger, more expensive project is started).) eksperimentāls; izmēģinājuma-
    3. verb
    (to guide as a pilot: He piloted the ship/plane.) pilotēt; vadīt
    * * *
    pilots; locis; pavadonis; komandas vadītājs, menedžeris; pilotēt, vadīt; aizvest, pavadīt, vest; eksperimentāls; palīg

    English-Latvian dictionary > pilot

  • 6 mudskipper

    noun (a small fish found in shallow coastal waters, able to jump about and climb low rocks to look for food.)

    English-Latvian dictionary > mudskipper

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