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close mapping

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  • Mapping objet-relationnel — Un mapping objet relationnel (en anglais object relational mapping ou ORM) est une technique de programmation informatique qui crée l illusion d une base de données orientée objet à partir d une base de données relationnelle en définissant des… …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Web mapping — is the process of designing, implementing, generating and delivering maps on the World Wide Web and its product. While web mapping primarily deals with technological issues, web cartography additionally studies theoretic aspects: the use of web… …   Wikipedia

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  • Shadow mapping — or projective shadowing is a process by which shadows are added to 3D computer graphics. This concept was introduced by Lance Williams in 1978, in a paper entitled Casting curved shadows on curved surfaces . Since then, it has been used both in… …   Wikipedia

  • Charles Close — Charles Frederick Arden Close Born 10 August 1865 Jersey Died 19 December 1952 Winchester, Hampshire, England Allegiance United Kingdom …   Wikipedia

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  • Degree of a continuous mapping — This article is about the term degree as used in algebraic topology. For other uses, see degree (mathematics). A degree two map of a sphere onto itself. In topology, the degree is a numerical invariant that describes a continuous mapping between… …   Wikipedia

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