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с английского на испанский

clean it with a cloth or something

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  • clean*/*/*/ — [kliːn] adj I 1) not dirty or polluted Go and put on a clean shirt.[/ex] the clean country air[/ex] Tom had scrubbed the floor clean.[/ex] I like to keep the place clean and tidy.[/ex] Everything in the house was spotlessly clean (= extremely… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • cloth — [[t]klɒ̱θ, AM klɔ͟ːθ[/t]] cloths 1) N MASS Cloth is fabric which is made by weaving or knitting a substance such as cotton, wool, silk, or nylon. Cloth is used especially for making clothes. She began cleaning the wound with a piece of cloth. Syn …   English dictionary

  • clean — I UK [kliːn] / US [klɪn] adjective Word forms clean : adjective clean comparative cleaner superlative cleanest *** 1) not dirty Go and put on a clean shirt. nice clean towels clean and tidy: I like to keep the place clean and tidy. spotlessly… …   English dictionary

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  • mopping, mopped — verb (T) 1 (I, T) to wash a floor with a wet mop 2 (T) to dry your face by rubbing it with a cloth or something soft: It was so hot he had to keep stopping to mop his face. | mop your brow (=remove sweat 2 (1) from your forehead) 3 (I, T) to… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • mop up — 1) PHRASAL VERB If you mop up a liquid, you clean it with a cloth so that the liquid is absorbed. [V P n (not pron)] A waiter mopped up the mess as best he could... [V n P] When the washing machine spurts out water at least we can mop it up... [V …   English dictionary

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  • wipe — wipe1 [ waıp ] verb transitive ** 1. ) to clean or dry something by moving a cloth or something soft over it: Let me just wipe the table before you sit down. Wipe your mouth. You ve got chocolate all over it. She wiped away her tears. wipe… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • wipe — wipe1 S3 [waıp] v ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(clean/rub)¦ 2¦(remove dirt)¦ 3¦(computer/tape)¦ 4 wipe something from your mind/memory 5 wipe the floor with somebody 6 wipe the slate clean 7 wipe the smile/grin off somebody s face 8 wipe something off the face of… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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