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celestial altitude

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  • celestial altitude — The vertical angle between the celestial horizon of an observer and a line that joins a given celestial body with the center of the earth …   Aviation dictionary

  • parallax in celestial altitude — The angle between the straight line from a celestial body to an observer, and the straight line from the celestial body to the center of the earth. This angle is assumed to be infinitely small except when observing the moon or satellites, as the… …   Aviation dictionary

  • celestial azimuth — The angle measured clockwise (from north through east) from the plane of the vertical circle through the body. See celestial altitude …   Aviation dictionary

  • Celestial navigation — Celestial navigation, also known as astronavigation, is a position fixing technique that was devised to help sailors cross the featureless oceans without having to rely on dead reckoning to enable them to strike land. Celestial navigation uses… …   Wikipedia

  • Altitude — Al ti*tude, n. [L. altitudo, fr. altus high. Cf. {Altar}, {Haughty}, {Enhance}.] 1. Space extended upward; height; the perpendicular elevation of an object above its foundation, above the ground, or above a given level, or of one object above… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Celestial coordinate system — For other uses of Celestial , see Celestial (disambiguation). Orientation of Astronomical Coordinates Orientation of the galactic, ecliptic and equatorial coordinate systems, projected on the celestial sphere, showing the galactic equator (black) …   Wikipedia

  • celestial navigation — navigation by means of observations made of the apparent position of heavenly bodies. Also called astronavigation, celo navigation. [1935 40] * * *       use of the observed positions of celestial bodies to determine a navigator s position. At… …   Universalium

  • Celestial pole — The north and south celestial poles and their relation to axis of rotation, plane of orbit and axial tilt …   Wikipedia

  • altitude — i. The vertical distance of a level, a point, or an object considered as a point, measured from mean sea level (ICAO). In the case of aircraft in flight, it is normally expressed in flight levels or hundreds of feet. For example, an aircraft… …   Aviation dictionary

  • celestial coordinates — Two coordinates on the surface of the celestial sphere used to determine the position of a celestial body. Two sets of celestial coordinates are in common use: the equinoctial system, in which the coordinates are a declination and an hour circle …   Aviation dictionary

  • Celestial horizon — Horizon Ho*ri zon, n. [F., fr. L. horizon, fr. Gr. ? (sc. ?) the bounding line, horizon, fr. ? to bound, fr. ? boundary, limit.] 1. The line which bounds that part of the earth s surface visible to a spectator from a given point; the apparent… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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