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career ambassador

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  • Ambassador — This article is about ambassadors in general. For other uses (including specific types of ambassadors), see Ambassador (disambiguation). For the Wikipedia Ambassador Program, see Wikipedia:Ambassadors. Hans Holbein the Younger: The Ambassadors,… …   Wikipedia

  • ambassador — Synonyms and related words: agent, ambassadress, apostolic delegate, attache, career diplomat, chancellor, charge, commercial attache, consul, consul general, consular agent, delegate, deputy, diplomat, diplomatic, diplomatic agent, diplomatist,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia — Following the dissolution of the Austro Hungarian empire in 1918 at the end of The Great War, the Czechs, Moravians, and Slovaks united to form the new nation of Czechoslovakia. The United States recognized Czechoslovakia and commissioned its… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Pakistan — The U.S. embassy in Karachi was established August 15, 1947 with Edward W. Holmes as Chargé d’Affaires ad interim , pending the appointment of an ambassador. The first ambassador, Paul H. Alling, was appointed on September 20, 1947. Anne… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Yugoslavia — The nation of Yugoslavia was formed on December 1, 1918 as as result of the realignment of nations and national boundaries in Europe in the aftermath of The Great War. The nation was first named the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and was… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Ethiopia — The United States established diplomatic relations with Ethiopia in 1903 and commissioned its first ambassador to Ethiopia, Hoffman Philip, in 1908. Relations continued uninterrupted until 1980. In July 1980, the U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia was… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Togo — Togoland was a German protectorate in West Africa from 1884 to 1914. The protectorate was established in 1884 when the German commissioner signed a treaty with the local chief, in which Germany declared a protectorate over a stretch of territory… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to South Africa — Before 1902, The southern part of Africa that is now South Africa was under the hegemony of Great Britain. There also were two self proclaimed independent states: Transvaal (also known as the South African Republic) and the Orange Free State. The …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Iceland — Until 1874, Iceland was a dependency of Denmark rather than an independent nation. In 1874, Denmark granted Iceland home rule, which again was expanded in 1904. In 1918, The Act of Union, an agreement between Denmark, recognized Iceland as a… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Gabon — In the 15th century, the area of central Africa that is now the nation of Gabon was populated by Bantu groups. Little is known of their civilization prior to European contact.Gabon’s first confirmed European visitors were Portuguese traders who… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Benin — The Kingdom of Dahomey was an overseas possession of France part of French West Africa until 1958. In that year Dahomey became an autonomous republic, and gained full independence in 1960. The United States immediately recognized Dahomey and… …   Wikipedia


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