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card account number

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  • Card sequence number —   An ISO term. The number distinguishing between separate cards with the same Primary Account Number (PAN) or extended PAN.   ISO Bank Card Originated Messages term. 3n.   ISO Identification Cards term. 1n.   ISO 4909 Bank card term 1n or 3n …   International financial encyclopaedia

  • Permanent account number — (PAN) is a national identification number, issued to all taxpayers of India whose income is taxable. This number is issued by the Income Tax Office.This number is required for many activities such as opening an account, getting a phone line,… …   Wikipedia

  • Primary Account Number — Die Primary Account Number (PAN) identifiziert eindeutig Kreditkarten und Debitkarten,[1] sie ist eine Zahlungskartennummer.[2] Die PAN ist auf der Spur 2 einer Kreditkarte/Debitkarte codiert. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Verwendung 2 Aufbau …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Primary Account Number — (PAN)   An ISO term.   ISO Bank Card Originated Messages term. A series of digits used to identify a customer account or relationship. When used in a reconciliation message, this identifies the account against which the settlement occurs. 19n.… …   International financial encyclopaedia

  • primary account number — /ˌpraɪməri ə kaυnt ˌnʌmbə/ noun a series of figures on a credit card, which are the number of the issuing bank and the personal number of the account. Abbreviation PAN …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • Card security code — The Card security code is located on the back of MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit or debit cards and is typically a separate group of 3 digits to the right of the signature strip …   Wikipedia

  • Card Security Code — The Card Security Code (CSC), sometimes called Card Verification Value (CVV), Card Verification Value Code (CVVC), Card Verification Code (CVC), or Verification Code (V Code or V Code) is a security feature for credit or debit card transactions,… …   Wikipedia

  • number — ▪ I. number num‧ber 1 [ˈnʌmbə ǁ bər] noun 1. [countable] a series of numbers used to identify someone or something: • He checked the number on the file. • Your account number is the last set of numbers on the bottom of your cheque. • Please quote …   Financial and business terms

  • Card issuer code directory reference —   An ISO term. The code identifying the card issuer directory. Essential when the account number is not in accordance with ISO 7811 or ISO 4909. 2a …   International financial encyclopaedia

  • Card not present transaction — A card not present transaction (CNP) is a credit card purchase made over the telephone or over the Internet where the physical card has not been swiped into a reader. It is a major route for credit card fraud. If a fraudulent transaction is… …   Wikipedia

  • account — a record of a business transaction. When you buy something on credit, the company you are dealing with sets up an account . This means it sets up a record of what you buy and what you pay. You will do the same thing with any customers to whom you …   Financial and business terms

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