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  • 1 hold

    I 1. [həuld] past tense, past participle - held; verb
    1) (to have in one's hand(s) or between one's hands: He was holding a knife; Hold that dish with both hands; He held the little boy's hand; He held the mouse by its tail.) κρατώ
    2) (to have in a part, or between parts, of the body, or between parts of a tool etc: He held the pencil in his teeth; She was holding a pile of books in her arms; Hold the stamp with tweezers.) κρατώ
    3) (to support or keep from moving, running away, falling etc: What holds that shelf up?; He held the door closed by leaning against it; Hold your hands above your head; Hold his arms so that he can't struggle.) κρατώ
    4) (to remain in position, fixed etc when under strain: I've tied the two pieces of string together, but I'm not sure the knot will hold; Will the anchor hold in a storm?) αντέχω,βαστώ
    5) (to keep (a person) in some place or in one's power: The police are holding a man for questioning in connection with the murder; He was held captive.) κρατώ
    6) (to (be able to) contain: This jug holds two pints; You can't hold water in a handkerchief; This drawer holds all my shirts.) περιέχω,χωρώ
    7) (to cause to take place: The meeting will be held next week; We'll hold the meeting in the hall.) οργανώνω,διενεργώ
    8) (to keep (oneself), or to be, in a particular state or condition: We'll hold ourselves in readiness in case you send for us; She holds herself very erect.) κρατώ
    9) (to have or be in (a job etc): He held the position of company secretary for five years.) διατηρώ
    10) (to think strongly; to believe; to consider or regard: I hold that this was the right decision; He holds me (to be) responsible for everyone's mistakes; He is held in great respect; He holds certain very odd beliefs.) θεωρώ,υποστηρίζω
    11) (to continue to be valid or apply: Our offer will hold until next week; These rules hold under all circumstances.) ισχύω
    12) ((with to) to force (a person) to do something he has promised to do: I intend to hold him to his promises.) δεσμεύω
    13) (to defend: They held the castle against the enemy.) υπερασπίζομαι
    14) (not to be beaten by: The general realized that the soldiers could not hold the enemy for long.) συγκρατώ
    15) (to keep (a person's attention): If you can't hold your pupils' attention, you can't be a good teacher.) κρατώ
    16) (to keep someone in a certain state: Don't hold us in suspense, what was the final decision?) κρατώ
    17) (to celebrate: The festival is held on 24 June.) γιορτάζω
    18) (to be the owner of: He holds shares in this company.) κατέχω
    19) ((of good weather) to continue: I hope the weather holds until after the school sports.) βαστώ,διατηρούμαι
    20) ((also hold the line) (of a person who is making a telephone call) to wait: Mr Brown is busy at the moment - will you hold or would you like him to call you back?) περιμένω(στο τηλέφωνο)
    21) (to continue to sing: Please hold that note for four whole beats.) κρατώ(νότα)
    22) (to keep (something): They'll hold your luggage at the station until you collect it.) φυλάγω
    23) ((of the future) to be going to produce: I wonder what the future holds for me?) επιφυλάσσω
    2. noun
    1) (the act of holding: He caught/got/laid/took hold of the rope and pulled; Keep hold of that rope.) πιάσιμο,κράτημα
    2) (power; influence: He has a strange hold over that girl.) εξουσία,επιρροή
    3) ((in wrestling etc) a manner of holding one's opponent: The wrestler invented a new hold.) λαβή
    - - holder
    - hold-all
    - get hold of
    - hold back
    - hold down
    - hold forth
    - hold good
    - hold it
    - hold off
    - hold on
    - hold out
    - hold one's own
    - hold one's tongue
    - hold up
    - hold-up
    - hold with
    II [həuld] noun
    ((in ships) the place, below the deck, where cargo is stored.) αμπάρι

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