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by virtue as their united strength

  • 1 by virtue as their united strength

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > by virtue as their united strength

  • 2 strength

    [streŋθˌ strenθ]
    1) сила, поддержка, власть, сильная сторона, прочность, мощность

    It is beyond my strength/it is too much for my strength. — Это мне не по силам.

    Our strength lies in our unity. — Наша сила в единстве.

    He was restored to health and strength. — Он восстановил себе здоровье и силу.

    to be under below strength быть не в полном составе

    - necessary strength
    - unusual strength
    - inner strength
    - financial strength
    - one's mental strength
    - tensile strength
    - compressive strength
    - strength of an engine
    - strength of a rope
    - strength of acid
    - strength of tea
    - strength of the current
    - strength of colours
    - strength of the pulse
    - strength of mind
    - strength of an argument
    - strength of grasp
    - real strength and backbone of the country
    - strength of an ordinary man
    - show of strength
    - man of great physical strength
    - question of sheer strength
    - test of strength
    - battalion in full strength
    - with all one's strength
    - beyond human strength
    - by sheer strength
    - by virtue as their united strength
    - on the strength of his promise
    - acquire strength
    - add to smb's strength
    - add strength to his arguments
    - belittle smb's strength
    - borrow strength from theit friendship
    - bring all one's strength into play
    - concentrate one's strength on smth
    - develop the strength of one's fingers
    - do smth by one's own strength
    - equal smb in strength
    - exceed one's strength
    - feel smb's strength
    - find strength
    - gain in strength
    - gather strength
    - not to have strength to raise one's head from the pillow
    - have no strength left
    - lose strength
    - join one's phisical strength with that of the mind
    - match one's strength against smb's
    - pick up regain strength
    - build up strength
    - save one's strength
    - summon strength
    - unite smb's strength
    - use one's strength
    2) численность, сила (войск)

    The police force is 200 men below strength. — Полиции не хватает двухсот сотрудников.

    This party had little strength. — Эта партия пользовалась поддержкой небольшого числа народа.

    - military strength
    - main strength
    - army strength
    - fleet's combat strength
    - numerical strength
    - peace strength of 4000 men
    - nation's strength at sea
    - armed strength of the country
    - troops in sufficient strength
    - bring the regiment to its normal strength
    - build up one's strength
    - increase the strength of the army

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > strength

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