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buffet damage

  • 1 buffet damage

    Авиасловарь > buffet damage

  • 2 damage

    1. повреждение; разрушение; поражение
    3. ущерб; урон; убыток
    damage per hour
    damage per mission
    accumulated damage
    actual damage
    ballistic damage
    barely visible damage
    bird damage
    bird strike damage
    buffet damage
    corrosion damage
    creep damage
    cumulative damage
    cyclic test damage
    EMP damage
    equivalent damage
    fatigue damage
    fibre damage
    fire damage
    fleet damage
    foreign object damage
    fretting damage
    ground-air-ground damage
    gust damage
    hail damage
    history-dependent damage
    hull damage
    impact damage
    incipient damage
    landing damage
    laser induced damage
    maneuver damage
    matrix damage
    Miner`s damage
    mishap damage
    self-inflicted damage
    service damage
    service-induced damage
    surface damage
    taxi damage
    thermal cycling damage
    turbulence-induced damage
    vibro-acoustically induced damage

    Авиасловарь > damage

  • 3 prediction

    1. предсказание; прогноз
    2. расчет; прогнозирование
    3. <pl> результаты расчета; расчетные данные
    acoustic prediction
    aerodynamic prediction
    aerodynamic predictions
    aerodynamic coefficient prediction
    analytical prediction
    buffet prediction
    buffet predictions
    conservative prediction
    crack growth prediction
    damage prediction
    durability prediction
    failure prediction
    fatigue prediction
    fatigue life prediction
    flutter prediction
    flutter predictions
    frequency prediction
    high-angle-of-attack predictions
    life prediction
    lift prediction
    loads prediction
    model prediction
    noise prediction
    performance prediction
    performance predictions
    pilot rating prediction
    postflight predictions
    Rayleigh-Ritz predictions
    response prediction
    short-time prediction
    simulation prediction
    simulation predictions
    simulator predictions
    Southwell prediction
    strain prediction
    strength prediction
    tendency prediction
    test prediction
    theoretical predictions
    theory predictions
    trajectory prediction
    wind tunnel predictions

    Авиасловарь > prediction

  • 4 criterion

    критерий, показатель; условие; признак
    airworthiness criterion
    attitude criterion
    buckling criterion
    buffet criterion
    convergence criterion
    creep-rupture criterion
    cumulative damage criterion
    damage tolerance criterion
    departure criterion
    departure prediction criterion
    derating criterion
    design criterion
    empirical criterion
    estimation criterion
    fail-safe criterion
    failure criterion
    flight path criterion
    flying qualities criterion
    fracture criterion
    frequency domain criterion
    frequency response criterion
    g-tolerance criterion
    Griffith's criterion
    handling qualities criterion
    high-angle-of-attack criterion
    icing criterion
    identification criterion
    Lighthill's criterion
    light-loss criterion
    load factor response criterion
    longitudinal criterion
    Lyapunov criterion
    maneuvering criterion
    mission-oriented criterion
    Neal-Smith criterion
    Nyquist criterion
    open-loop criterion
    optimality criterion
    parametric criterion
    performance criterion
    pilot-centered criterion
    pitch sensitivity criterion
    predictive criterion
    recovery criterion
    rough runway criterion
    Routh-Hurwitz criterion
    Schuler criterion
    second tier criterion
    separation criterion
    short period criterion
    smoothness criterion
    stability criterion
    strength criterion
    Tau criterion
    tracking criterion
    transition criterion
    Tresca`s yield criterion
    trim-slope criterion
    visual criterion
    von Mises' yield criterion
    yield criterion

    Авиасловарь > criterion

  • 5 coefficient

    coefficient of viscosity
    coefficient with respect to alpha
    aerodynamic coefficient
    aerodynamic control force coefficient
    aerodynamic control moment coefficient
    axial force coefficient
    barodiffusion coefficient
    best-range lift coefficient
    blowing coefficient
    blowing momentum coefficient
    Boussinesq coefficient
    braking coefficient
    buffet-onset lift coefficient
    canard volume coefficient
    compliance coefficient
    correlation coefficient
    cross coefficients
    cross-coupling coefficients
    cross-stream force coefficient
    damage coefficient
    damping coefficient
    damping-in-roll coefficient
    diffusion coefficient
    drag coefficient
    eddy diffusion coefficient
    first-harmonic coefficient
    flapping coefficient
    flexibility influence coefficients
    flow coefficient
    force coefficient
    Fourier coefficients
    friction coefficient
    H-force coefficient
    harmonic coefficient
    heat transfer coefficient
    hinge moment coefficient
    hydraulic drag coefficient
    incompressible pressure coefficient
    indicial coefficients
    induced drag coefficient
    influence coefficient
    jet momentum coefficient
    kinematic coefficient of viscosity
    landing flare lift coefficient
    lateral coefficients
    lateral flapping coefficient
    lateral force coefficient
    lift coefficient
    lift coefficient due to blowing
    lift force coefficient
    lift-drag coefficient
    local lift coefficient
    local skin-friction coefficient
    longitudinal flapping coefficient
    low-speed coefficient
    maneuver drag coefficient
    maneuver lift coefficient
    maneuvering lift coefficient
    mass-flow coefficient
    moment coefficient
    momentum coefficient
    nondimensional coefficient
    normal force coefficient
    operating lift coefficient
    Oswald coefficient
    parasite drag coefficient
    pitching moment coefficient
    power coefficient
    pressure coefficient
    profile drag coefficient
    propeller power coefficient
    roll axis aerodynamic coefficients
    roll-damping coefficient
    rolling moment coefficient
    scrubbing loss coefficient
    section drag coefficient
    section lift coefficient
    sectional lift coefficient
    shock pressure coefficient
    sideforce coefficient
    skin friction coefficient
    Southwell coefficient
    stiffness coefficient
    sustained lift coefficient
    tail-volume coefficient
    thermal diffusion coefficient
    thrust coefficient
    thrust included lift coefficient
    thrust minus drag coefficient
    thrust momentum coefficient
    tire/runway friction coefficient
    torque coefficient
    total lift coefficient
    transport coefficient
    transverse force coefficient
    trim coefficient
    trimmed coefficient
    untrimmed lift coefficient
    usable lift coefficient
    variation coefficient
    velocity coefficient
    vertical-force coefficient
    virial coefficient
    virtual masses coefficients
    wake drag coefficient
    weighting coefficient
    wing lift coefficient
    Y-force coefficient
    yaw axis aerodynamic coefficients
    yawing moment coefficient
    zero lift-drag coefficient

    Авиасловарь > coefficient

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