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  • 1 breakfast-time

    noun I'll deal with that at breakfast-time.) brokastlaiks

    English-Latvian dictionary > breakfast-time

  • 2 breakfast

    ['brekfəst] 1. noun
    (the first meal of the day: What time do you serve breakfast?; I have coffee and toast at breakfast; I never eat breakfast.) brokastis
    2. verb
    (to have breakfast: They breakfasted on the train.) brokastot
    * * *
    brokastis; brokastot

    English-Latvian dictionary > breakfast

  • 3 time

    1. noun
    1) (the hour of the day: What time is it?; Can your child tell the time yet?) Cik pulkstenis?
    2) (the passage of days, years, events etc: time and space; Time will tell.) laiks
    3) (a point at which, or period during which, something happens: at the time of his wedding; breakfast-time.) laiks
    4) (the quantity of minutes, hours, days etc, eg spent in, or available for, a particular activity etc: This won't take much time to do; I enjoyed the time I spent in Paris; At the end of the exam, the supervisor called `Your time is up!') laiks
    5) (a suitable moment or period: Now is the time to ask him.) laiks; brīdis
    6) (one of a number occasions: He's been to France four times.) reize
    7) (a period characterized by a particular quality in a person's life, experience etc: He went through an unhappy time when she died; We had some good times together.) laiks
    8) (the speed at which a piece of music should be played; tempo: in slow time.) temps; takts
    2. verb
    1) (to measure the time taken by (a happening, event etc) or by (a person, in doing something): He timed the journey.) uzņemt laiku
    2) (to choose a particular time for: You timed your arrival beautifully!) izvēlēties (īpašu) laiku
    - timelessly
    - timelessness
    - timely
    - timeliness
    - timer
    - times
    - timing
    - time bomb
    - time-consuming
    - time limit
    - time off
    - time out
    - timetable
    - all in good time
    - all the time
    - at times
    - be behind time
    - for the time being
    - from time to time
    - in good time
    - in time
    - no time at all
    - no time
    - one
    - two at a time
    - on time
    - save
    - waste time
    - take one's time
    - time and time again
    - time and again
    * * *
    laiks; termiņš; laikmets, laiks; dzīves laiks, mūžs; darba laiks; reize; cietumlaiks; takts; izvēlēties piemērotu laiku; noteikt laiku; uzņemt laiku; ievērot ritmu, sist takti; regulēt

    English-Latvian dictionary > time

  • 4 run

    1. present participle - running; verb
    1) ((of a person or animal) to move quickly, faster than walking: He ran down the road.) skriet
    2) (to move smoothly: Trains run on rails.) ritēt; braukt
    3) ((of water etc) to flow: Rivers run to the sea; The tap is running.) plūst; tecēt
    4) ((of a machine etc) to work or operate: The engine is running; He ran the motor to see if it was working.) darboties
    5) (to organize or manage: He runs the business very efficiently.) organizēt; vadīt
    6) (to race: Is your horse running this afternoon?) piedalīties sacīkstēs
    7) ((of buses, trains etc) to travel regularly: The buses run every half hour; The train is running late.) kursēt
    8) (to last or continue; to go on: The play ran for six weeks.) tikt izrādītam
    9) (to own and use, especially of cars: He runs a Rolls Royce.) braukt; vadīt
    10) ((of colour) to spread: When I washed my new dress the colour ran.) noplukt
    11) (to drive (someone); to give (someone) a lift: He ran me to the station.) aizvest (ar mašīnu)
    12) (to move (something): She ran her fingers through his hair; He ran his eyes over the letter.) pārlaist; izbraukt (caur matiem u.tml.)
    13) ((in certain phrases) to be or become: The river ran dry; My blood ran cold (= I was afraid).) Man asinis sastinga dzīslās.
    2. noun
    1) (the act of running: He went for a run before breakfast.) skrējiens
    2) (a trip or drive: We went for a run in the country.) izbraukums; ceļojums; ekskursija
    3) (a length of time (for which something continues): He's had a run of bad luck.) periods; posms; laiks
    4) (a ladder (in a stocking etc): I've got a run in my tights.) noiris valdziņš
    5) (the free use (of a place): He gave me the run of his house.) rīcības/lietošanas brīvība
    6) (in cricket, a batsman's act of running from one end of the wicket to the other, representing a single score: He scored/made 50 runs for his team.) pārskrējiens
    7) (an enclosure or pen: a chicken-run.) aploks
    - running 3. adverb
    (one after another; continuously: We travelled for four days running.) pēc kārtas
    - runaway
    - rundown
    - runner-up
    - runway
    - in
    - out of the running
    - on the run
    - run across
    - run after
    - run aground
    - run along
    - run away
    - run down
    - run for
    - run for it
    - run in
    - run into
    - run its course
    - run off
    - run out
    - run over
    - run a temperature
    - run through
    - run to
    - run up
    - run wild
    * * *
    skrējiens; reiss, brauciens; attālums; ekskursija, izbraukums; demonstrēšana; norise, gaita; darbība; periods, posms; sērija, partija; noiets, pieprasījums; vidējais līmenis; rīcības brīvība; urdziņa, strautiņš; bars; ganāmpulks; aploks; noiris valdziņš; trase, taka; rene, tekne; skriet; virzīties, iet; kursēt; plūst, tecēt; darboties; darbināt; klāties; piedalīties; tikt izrādītam; izvirzīt; aizritēt; skanēt; pakļauties; ātri izplatīties; vadīt; kļūt; izlauzties; pārvilkt, pārlaist; transportēt, aizvest; ielaist; būt spēkā; ievērt; nelegāli ievest; iedurt; liet, kausēt; kārtot; vajāt; noirt; izbalēt, noplukt; vīties

    English-Latvian dictionary > run

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