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  • 1 booking

    noun (a reservation.) iepriekšpasūtīšana; rezervēšana

    English-Latvian dictionary > booking

  • 2 booking-office

    noun (an office where travel tickets etc are sold: a queue at the station booking-office.) biļešu kase
    * * *
    biļešu kase; kantoris

    English-Latvian dictionary > booking-office

  • 3 booking office

    biļešu kase

    English-Latvian dictionary > booking office

  • 4 booking-clerk


    English-Latvian dictionary > booking-clerk

  • 5 advance booking

    iepriekšpārdošana; iepriekšiegāde; rezervēšana

    English-Latvian dictionary > advance booking

  • 6 book

    [buk] 1. noun
    1) (a number of sheets of paper (especially printed) bound together: an exercise book.) burtnīca
    2) (a piece of writing, bound and covered: I've written a book on Shakespeare.) grāmata
    3) (a record of bets.) derību pieraksti
    2. verb
    1) (to buy or reserve (a ticket, seat etc) for a play etc: I've booked four seats for Friday's concert.) iepriekš pasūtīt/nopirkt (biļeti u.tml.)
    2) (to hire in advance: We've booked the hall for Saturday.) pasūtīt iepriekš
    - booking
    - booklet
    - bookbinding
    - bookbinder
    - bookcase
    - booking-office
    - bookmaker
    - bookmark
    - bookseller
    - bookshelf
    - bookshop
    - bookworm
    - booked up
    - book in
    - by the book
    * * *
    grāmata; ierakstīt, iereģistrēt; pasūtīt iepriekš, nopirkt; ielūgt

    English-Latvian dictionary > book

  • 7 advance

    1. verb
    1) (to move forward: The army advanced towards the town; Our plans are advancing well; He married the boss's daughter to advance (= improve) his chances of promotion.) virzīties uz priekšu; progresēt
    2) (to supply (someone) with (money) on credit: The bank will advance you $500.) izmaksāt (avansu vai aizdevumu)
    2. noun
    1) (moving forward or progressing: We've halted the enemy's advance; Great advances in medicine have been made in this century.) virzīšanās uz priekšu; progress
    2) (a payment made before the normal time: Can I have an advance on my salary?) avanss; aizdevums
    3) ((usually in plural) an attempt at (especially sexual) seduction.) tuvošanās
    3. adjective
    1) (made etc before the necessary or agreed time: an advance payment.) iepriekšējs
    2) (made beforehand: an advance booking.) iepriekšējs
    3) (sent ahead of the main group or force: the advance guard.) avangarda-
    - in advance
    * * *
    virzīšana uz priekšu; virzīšanās uz priekšu; progress, attīstība; avanss, aizdevums; paaugstinājums; iepriekšsagatavota reportāža; iepriekšējie pasākumi, iepriekšsagatavošanās; virzīšanās uz priekšu, uzbrukums; virzīt uz priekšu; virzīties uz priekšu; progresēt, attīstīties; uzlabot, sekmēt; avansēt, izmaksāt avansu, maksāt avansu; izvirzīt; celties; paaugstināt; veikt iepriekšējus pasākumus; virzīties uz priekšu, uzbrukt

    English-Latvian dictionary > advance

  • 8 confirm

    1) (to establish or make quite certain: They confirmed their hotel booking by letter.) apliecināt; apstiprināt
    2) (to admit to full membership of certain Christian churches.) iesvētīt; konfirmēt
    - confirmand
    - confirmed
    * * *
    apliecināt; apstiprināt; ratificēt; konfirmēt, iesvētīt

    English-Latvian dictionary > confirm

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