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blood agar

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  • blood agar — noun a culture medium containing whole blood as the nutrient • Hypernyms: ↑agar, ↑nutrient agar * * * blood agar noun Agar agar for growing bacteria, to which blood has been added before the jelly set • • • Main Entry: ↑blood …   Useful english dictionary

  • blood agar — an agar medium containing heart infusion, peptone, and sodium chloride, autoclaved and enriched by the addition of sterile defibrinated blood, used for primary plating and subculturing, especially to determine bacterial hemolysis. The blood used… …   Medical dictionary

  • kanamycin-vancomycin–laked blood agar — an agar medium having the same ingredients as kanamycin vancomycin blood agar except that the blood is laked (hemolyzed) by freezing and thawing. It is used to isolate the Bacteroides melaninogenicus group. Called also KVLB a …   Medical dictionary

  • phenylethyl alcohol–blood agar — an agar medium containing pancreatic digest of casein, papain digest of soybean meal, sodium chloride, and phenylethyl alcohol. Defibrinated blood may be added. It is used for the isolation of gram positive cocci, especially in a mixed culture… …   Medical dictionary

  • kanamycin-vancomycin blood agar — an agar medium containing casein digest, soybean meal digest, sodium chloride, yeast extract, sheep blood, L cystine, vitamin K1, kanamycin, and vancomycin, used for selective isolation of anaerobes, particularly Bacteroides …   Medical dictionary

  • laked blood agar — a solid culture medium containing blood that has been hemolyzed to release hemin. Called also LB a …   Medical dictionary

  • PEA blood agar — phenylethyl alcohol–blood a …   Medical dictionary

  • potato-blood agar — Bordet Gengou a …   Medical dictionary

  • Agar plate — Infobox Laboratory equipment name = Agar plate caption = An agar plate streaked with microorganisms isolated from a deep water sponge. Individual colonies may be seen center right. acronym = other names = uses = Culturing inventor = manufacturer …   Wikipedia

  • agar — A complex polysaccharide (a sulfated galactan) derived from seaweed (various red algae); used as a solidifying agent in culture media; it has the valuable property of melting at 100°C, but not solidifying until 49°C. [Bengalese] bile salt a. an a …   Medical dictionary

  • agar — n. an extract of certain seaweeds that forms a gel suitable for the solidification of liquid bacteriological culture media. Blood agar is nutrient agar containing 5–10% horse blood, used for the cultivation of certain bacteria or for detecting… …   The new mediacal dictionary

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