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biased impressions

  • 1 biased impressions

    biased (general, vague) impressions предвзятые/необъективные (общие, смутные) впечатления

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > biased impressions

  • 2 impression

    1) впечатление, представление, ощущение

    He gave me the impression of being tired. — У меня сложилось впечатление, что он устал.

    What are your impressions of the book? — Каково ваше впечатление от книги/каково ваше мнение о книге?

    He gave us his impressions of the trip. — Он рассказал нам о своих впечатлениях от поездки.

    I don't want to give you a wrong impression. — Я не хочу, чтобы у вас сложилось неправильное/ложное впечатление.

    - fleeting impression
    - general impression
    - ainful impression
    - vivid impression
    - excellent impression
    - good impression
    - wholly false impression
    - biased impressions
    - first-hand impressions
    - chance impressions
    - wide-spread impression
    - parting impression
    - correct impression of smb, smth
    - impression about smb, smth
    - impression of smth
    - instrument of mass impression
    - impression of the country
    - impression of light on the eye
    - make a good impression
    - be under the impression that..
    - make a deep impression on smb
    - get vivid impressions
    - give a good impression
    - leave a hateful impression
    - remove forse impressions
    - strengthen the gloomy impression
    - conclude from the first impression
    - carry away much impression from the trip
    - convey one's impressions to smb
    - embody his impressions in a book
    - have the impression that
    - leave smb with an impression that...
    - gain an impression
    2) отпечаток, оттиск, след
    - strong impression
    - original impression
    - eye impression
    - impression on coins
    - impression of a foot
    - impression of the finger
    - impression of a jaw
    - make a new impression
    - leave behind a deep impression on the minds of the people
    3) переиздание, перепечатка

    The six impressions of his book. — Его книга переиздавалась/печаталась шесть раз

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > impression

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