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behave outrageously

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  • behave — verb ADVERB ▪ impeccably (esp. BrE), perfectly, well ▪ honourably/honorably ▪ aggressively, badly, disgracefully (esp. BrE), outrageously …   Collocations dictionary

  • outrageously — adv. Outrageously is used with these adjectives: ↑expensive, ↑funny Outrageously is used with these verbs: ↑behave, ↑price …   Collocations dictionary

  • Lucian — /looh sheuhn/, n. 1. A.D. 117 c180, Greek rhetorician and satirist. 2. ( Lucian of Antioch ; Lucian the Martyr ) A.D. c240 312, theologian and Biblical critic, born at Samosata, in Syria. 3. a male given name. * * * or Lucianos Latin Lucianus… …   Universalium

  • go Borneo — vb American a. to get drunk b. to behave outrageously, go too far Both senses are preppie terms indicating a regression to a supposed primitive jungle mentality, influenced by the numerous wild men of Borneo featured in travelling freak shows and …   Contemporary slang

  • rally — vb American to behave outrageously, indulge in wild activity. A preppie term, used invariably by and about males. Come on, let s rally! They were really rallying …   Contemporary slang

  • бесчинствовать — БЕСЧИНСТВОВАТЬ, несов., без доп. Вести себя безобразно, непристойно, нарушая порядок, общепринятые нормы; Син.: беззаконничать [impf. to vandalize, behave outrageously, commit outrages, commit brutalities]. Фашисты бесчинствовали на захваченных… …   Большой толковый словарь русских глаголов

  • murder — /ˈmɜdə / (say merduh) noun 1. Law the unlawful killing of a human being by an act done with intention to kill or to inflict grievous bodily harm, or with reckless indifference to human life. 2. Colloquial an uncommonly laborious or difficult task …   Australian English dictionary

  • amok — [ə muk′, əmäk′] adj., adv. [< Malay amuk, attacking furiously, ult. < Old Javanese] in a frenzy; in a violent rage run amok or go amok 1. to rush about in a frenzy to kill 2. to lose control of oneself and behave outrageously or violently 3 …   English World dictionary

  • Abyssinia, Henry — Infobox Television episode Title = Abyssinia, Henry Series = M*A*S*H Caption = You behave yourself, or I m gonna come back and kick your butt. Lt. Col Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson) bidding farewell to Corporal Radar O Reilly (Gary Burghoff) in… …   Wikipedia

  • El (god) — Eli (Hebrew: אל) is the Northwest Semitic word and name either translated into English as god or God or left untranslated as Eli , depending on the context. In the Levant as a whole, Eli or Izer was the supreme god, the father of humankind and… …   Wikipedia

  • Jiang Shi — Chinese name Traditional Chinese 僵屍 Simplified Chinese 僵尸 Literal meaning stiff corpse …   Wikipedia


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