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beef-extract agar

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  • agar — A complex polysaccharide (a sulfated galactan) derived from seaweed (various red algae); used as a solidifying agent in culture media; it has the valuable property of melting at 100°C, but not solidifying until 49°C. [Bengalese] bile salt a. an a …   Medical dictionary

  • Agar plate — Infobox Laboratory equipment name = Agar plate caption = An agar plate streaked with microorganisms isolated from a deep water sponge. Individual colonies may be seen center right. acronym = other names = uses = Culturing inventor = manufacturer …   Wikipedia

  • Nutrient agar — is a microbiological growth medium commonly used for the routine cultivation of non fastidious bacteria. It is useful because it remains solid even at relatively high temperatures. Also, bacteria grown in nutrient agar grows on the surface, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Mannitol salt agar — An MSA plate with Micrococcus sp. (1), Staphylococcus epidermis (2) and S. aureus colonies (3) …   Wikipedia

  • Mueller-Hinton agar — Colonies of Burkholderia pseudomallei on Müller Hinton agar after 72 hours incubation. Müller Hinton agar is an microbiological growth medium that is commonly used for antibiotic susceptibility testing. It is also used to isolate and maintain… …   Wikipedia

  • Bismuth sulfite agar — is a type of agar media used to isolate Salmonella species. It uses dextrose as a primary source of carbon. BLBG and bismuth stop gram positive growth. Bismuth sulfite agar tests the ability to utilize ferrous sulfate and convet it to hydrogen… …   Wikipedia

  • Bennett agar — an agar medium containing casein digest, yeast extract, beef extract, and glucose, used as an isolation medium for Nocardia and Streptomyces …   Medical dictionary

  • bismuth-sulfite agar — an agar culture medium containing beef extract, peptone, glucose, sodium sulfite, bismuth ammonium citrate, and brilliant green, used for samples of feces and other clinical specimens to isolate Salmonella species and serovars, especially S.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Feeley-Gorman agar — an agar medium containing casein hydrolysate, beef extract, starch, L cysteine, and ferric pyrophosphate, used for the culture of Legionella. A broth culture without the agar is also used for the same purpose. Called also F G a …   Medical dictionary

  • bile-esculin agar — an agar medium containing beef extract, peptone, oxgall, ferric citrate, and esculin, sometimes supplemented with horse serum, used for the identification of group D streptococci …   Medical dictionary

  • mannitol-salt agar — an agar medium containing beef extract, peptone, mannitol, phenol red, and 7.5 per cent sodium chloride, used for the selective isolation of pathogenic staphylococci …   Medical dictionary

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