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  • 1 batisfer

    n. bathysphere, ball shaped vessel for underwater observation
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > batisfer

  • 2 top gibi

    adj. like a ball, conglobate, rotund
    * * *
    ball shaped

    Turkish-English dictionary > top gibi

  • 3 Arnavut

    1. (an) Albanian. 2. Albanian (person). 3. Albanian, of Albania. - bacası dormer window. - peyniri a ball-shaped goat´s-milk cheese from Albania. - zarı slang loaded die, trick die.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > Arnavut

  • 4 top

    ",-pu 1. ball. 2. ball-shaped object. 3. cannon; artillery piece. 4. bolt, roll (of cloth). 5. ream (of paper). 6. round; rounded. -u /ın/ all of; the whole lot of: Topunu aldım. I bought the whole lot of them. - ağaç tree which has a rounded or umbrellalike shape. -un ağzında in the most dangerous spot, at the lion´s mouth, on the edge of the volcano. - arabası 1. gun carriage. 2. slang testicles, balls, nuts. - ateşi cannon fire; artillery fire, gunfire. - atımı 1. cannon-shot, range of a cannon; range of an artillery piece. 2. round, salvo, volley, shot. - atmak 1. to fire a gun. 2. slang to go bankrupt, go bust. 3. slang (for a student) to fail a year, flunk a grade. -u atmak 1. slang to go bankrupt, go bust. 2. slang to fail a year, flunk a grade. 3. slang to die, kick the bucket. - etmek /ı/ 1. to amass (things) in a heap, heap (things) up, pile (things) up. 2. to roll (something) up in a ball, make (something) into a ball. - gibi gürlemek to boom, thunder, proclaim in a loud, booming voice. - gibi patlamak (for a piece of news) to explode like a bomb. - olmak to amass. - otu powder charge (put in a cannon). - sakal full, round beard. - top 1. very round. 2. many bolts of (cloth). 3. many reams of (paper). -u topu all in all, all told, altogether. -a tutmak /ı/ 1. to blast (people, a place) with cannon fire or artillery fire. 2. to berate, blast, light into (someone). - tüfek arms, weapons."

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > top

  • 5 acayip şekilli

    fiddle shaped

    Turkish-English dictionary > acayip şekilli

  • 6 adenom

    n. adenoma, benign tumor shaped like a gland, benign tumor which originates in a gland
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > adenom

  • 7 ağaç şeklinde

    tree shaped

    Turkish-English dictionary > ağaç şeklinde

  • 8 ateşten top

    fire ball

    Turkish-English dictionary > ateşten top

  • 9 ayak kösteği

    ball and chain

    Turkish-English dictionary > ayak kösteği

  • 10 badem şeklinde

    adj. almond shaped, amygdaloid
    * * *
    1. almond shaped 2. amygdaliform 3. amygdaloid 4. amygdaloidal

    Turkish-English dictionary > badem şeklinde

  • 11 baklava biçiminde

    adj. diamond shaped, rhomboid, rhomboidal, rhombic
    * * *
    diamond shaped

    Turkish-English dictionary > baklava biçiminde

  • 12 balık köftesi

    n. fish ball, fish cake, quenelle, rissole
    * * *
    1. fish ball 2. fish cake

    Turkish-English dictionary > balık köftesi

  • 13 balkabağı şeklinde

    pumpkin shaped

    Turkish-English dictionary > balkabağı şeklinde

  • 14 balo

    n. ball, dance, prom
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > balo

  • 15 balo salonu

    n. ball room
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > balo salonu

  • 16 bamya

    n. okra, pod-shaped green vegetable used in soups and stew; gumbo, gombo; lady's finger
    * * *
    1. gumbo 2. okra

    Turkish-English dictionary > bamya

  • 17 bazuka

    n. bazooka, portable tube-shaped rocket launcher that fires high-power ammunition
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > bazuka

  • 18 becerikli adam

    ball of fire

    Turkish-English dictionary > becerikli adam

  • 19 beysbol

    n. baseball, type of game played with a bat and a ball and four stations that players must reach in order to score
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > beysbol

  • 20 biçimli

    adj. well-shaped, well cut, shapely, shaped, beautiful, clean cut, clear-cut, sleek, trim, well-proportioned, figurate
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > biçimli

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