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autumn equinox

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  • autumn equinox — noun synonym for autumnal equinox …   Wiktionary

  • Equinox — This article is about the astronomical event when the sun is at zenith over the Equator. For other uses, see Equinox (disambiguation). For the same event happening on other planets and setting up a celestial coordinate system, see Equinox… …   Wikipedia

  • Autumn — Fall redirects here. For other uses, see Fall (disambiguation). This article is about the temperate season. For other uses, see Autumn (disambiguation). An autumn vineyard in Napa Valley, California …   Wikipedia

  • equinox — [[t]i͟ːkwɪnɒks, e̱k [/t]] equinoxes N COUNT: oft supp N An equinox is one of the two days in the year when day and night are of equal length. In the Chinese calendar, the Spring Equinox always occurs in the second month and the Autumn Equinox in… …   English dictionary

  • autumn — noun 1》 chiefly Brit. the season after summer and before winter. 2》 Astronomy the period from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice. Derivatives autumnal ɔ: tʌmn(ə)l adjective Origin ME: from OFr. autompne, or later directly from L. autumnus …   English new terms dictionary

  • Autumn — Au tumn, n. [L. auctumnus, autumnus, perh. fr. a root av to satisfy one s self: cf. F. automne. See {Avarice}.] 1. The third season of the year, or the season between summer and winter, often called the {fall}. Astronomically, it begins in the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • equinox — [ē′kwi näks΄, ek′wə näks] n. [ME < OFr equinoxe < ML aequinoxium < L aequinoctium < aequus (see EQUAL) + nox, NIGHT] 1. the time when the sun in its apparent annual movement along the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator, making… …   English World dictionary

  • Autumn Meridian — is a part of the equinox meridiator that passes through First point of Libra and has celestial longitude 180° (±180°) (12h). There are alternative names: Noon Meridian, First point of Libra Meridian, Virgo Meridian, September Meridian, Fall… …   Wikipedia

  • autumn — [n] season between summer and winter autumnal equinox, fall, harvest; concept 814 Ant. spring …   New thesaurus

  • autumn — [ôt′əm] n. [ME autumpne < OFr autompne < L autumnus, auctumnus; prob. of Etr orig.] 1. the season that comes between summer and winter; fall: in the astronomical year, that period between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice 2. any… …   English World dictionary

  • autumn — /aw teuhm/, n. 1. the season between summer and winter; fall. In the Northern Hemisphere it is from the September equinox to the December solstice; in the Southern Hemisphere it is from the March equinox to the June solstice. 2. a time of full… …   Universalium

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