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  • 481 rabıtasız

    "1. disarranged, disorderly, untidy; poorly conducted; lacking system. 2. incoherent, inconsistent and illogical (thought, speech). 3. (someone) who is inconsistent in his behavior, flighty."

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  • 482 rejim

    1. regime, system of government. 2. med. diet, regimen. 3. meteorology regime. 4. regime (of a river). 5. (a machine´s) manner of functioning, operation. - yapmak to diet.

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  • 483 remiz

    ,-mzi 1. sign, symbol (as one used in a code or code-like system). 2. pseudonym, alias. 3. hint, veiled reference, allusion.

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  • 484 rumuz

    1. sign, symbol (as one used in a code or code-like system). 2. pseudonym, alias. 3. signs, symbols (as those used in a code or code-like system). 4. hints, veiled references, allusions.

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  • 485 savak

    1. sluice system (for diverting excess water). 2. sluice, sluiceway.

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  • 486 serpici

    sprinkler head (of a sprinkler system installed for fire protection).

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  • 487 simgelik

    system of symbols.

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  • 488 sindirim

    digestion. - sistemi/aygıtı anat. digestive system. - güçlüğü dyspepsia.

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  • 489 sinir

    "1. anat. nerve. 2. colloq. sinew, tendon; muscle fiber. 3. quirk, peculiar trait, peculiarity of behavior. 4. thing about which one is fastidious. 5. anger; irritation. 6. equanimity, emotional balance: Bende sinir kalmadı. My nerves are shot./I´m very upset. 7. irritating, exasperating (person, thing). - ağrısı neuralgia. -leri altüst/ayakta olmak to be very upset, angry, or irritated. - argınlığı neurasthenia. - boğumları anat. neural ganglions. -leri boşanmak to have a fit of nerves, be unable to control oneself, get hysterical or slightly hysterical. -ine dokunmak /ın/ to get on (one´s) nerves, irritate, Brit. give (someone) the pip. -leri gergin olmak to be tense, be under nervous pressure. -leri gerilmek (for someone) to be ready to explode with anger. - harbi war of nerves. - hastalığı/sayrılığı neuropathy. - kesilmek to become enraged. - kökenli neurogenic. -leri kuvvetli cool, self-possessed, imperturbable. -i oynamak/- olmak to get angry, get one´s dander up. -i tutmak to get angry suddenly, get in a temper. -leri zayıf excitable, easily excited; easily irritated."

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  • 490 sinirli

    "1. quick to anger, quick-tempered. 2. angry, in a temper; heated, irate. 3. tense and irritable, edgy, nervous. 4. full of sinews, sinewy, tendinous."

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  • 491 sistem


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  • 492 solunum

    respiration. - aygıtı/sistemi respiratory system. - dalcığı anat. bronchiole. - dalı anat. bronchus. - jimnastiği breathing exercises.

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  • 493 sürmenaj

    nervous breakdown, nervous prostration, neurasthenia. - olmak to have a nervous breakdown.

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  • 494 tabldot

    ,-tu 1. table d´hôte (a complete meal offered at a fixed price). 2. system in which a group of workers hire a cook to prepare their meals.

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  • 495 TCDD

    (abbr. for Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryolları) Turkish Rail (the Turkish National Railway System).

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  • 496 tedirgin

    "1. ill at ease, uncomfortable, uneasy; apprehensive; worried, anxious. 2. edgy, tense, nervous. - etmek /ı/ 1. to disquiet, make (someone) feel ill at ease, uncomfortable, uneasy, apprehensive, or worried. 2. to make (someone) edgy, tense, or nervous."

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  • 497 tertibat

    ",-tı 1. arrangement, setup; the manner in which something is organized or arranged. 2. mil. disposition (of troops, artillery, etc.). 3. mechanism; apparatus; system: ateşleme tertibatı firing mechanism (of a gun). ısıtma tertibatı heating system. 4. precautionary measures. - almak to take precautionary measures."

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  • 498 tesis

    "1. foundation; establishment. 2. institution, association, establishment, or foundation (a corporate body). 3. facility: spor tesisleri sports facilities. 4. system, installation (made up of a group of devices): ısıtma ve soğutma tesisleri heating and cooling systems. - etmek /ı/ to found; to establish, set up; to institute."

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  • 499 tesisat

    ,-tı 1. installation (of electricity, plumbing, gas, central heating). 2. (electrical, gas, plumbing, or central heating) system. 3. institutions, associations, establishments, or foundations (corporate bodies). 4. facilities.

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  • 500 transit

    ",-ti transit, passage through one country of people or goods which are bound for another country. - eşya transit goods, goods in transit. - geçmek /dan/ 1. to pass through (a country) en route, go through (a country) in transit. 2. slang to pass through (a place) without stopping. 3. slang (for a driver) to run (a red light); to ignore (a stop sign, a traffic policeman´s signal). - rejimi law system which allows goods in transit immunity from customs duties. - seyahat through trip. - trafik through traffic. - vizesi transit visa. - yolcu in-transit passenger. - yolcu salonu in-transit passenger lounge. - yolu through highway."

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