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  • 421 çıktı sistemi

    output system

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  • 422 üçlü sistem

    ternary system

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  • 423 ısıtma sistemi

    heating system

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  • 424 şebeke

    "network, system; grating; band, gang (of criminals); student's pass"

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  • 425 adliye

    1. courthouse. 2. court system. 3. the activities of the courts. - encümeni a committee of five judges appointed by the Ministry of Justice. A- Vekâleti formerly Ministry of Justice.

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  • 426 adlık

    nomenclature. - dizgesi system of nomenclature.

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  • 427 akaçlamak

    /ı/ 1. to drain. 2. to supply with a drainage system.

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  • 428 alafranga

    "1. European-style, done in the European manner; patterned on a European model. 2. (someone) who has adopted European manners; (someone) who is European in his/her behavior or outlook. 3. according to the European system of reckoning time, European time: Alafranga saat üçte oradayım. I´ll be there at three o´clock European time. 4. (doing something) after the European manner. 5. someone who has adopted European ways (used disparagingly). -nın bebesi slang 1. milksop, mollycoddle. 2. greenhorn, someone who is still wet behind the ears. - müzik European music. - tuvalet European-style toilet, toilet with a bowl and a seat. "

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  • 429 alarm

    alarm, alarm signal. - işareti alarm signal. - tertibatı alarm system.

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  • 430 alaturka

    "1. Turkish-style, done after the Turkish manner; patterned on a Turkish model; typically Turkish. 2. (someone) who is very Turkish in his/her manners, behavior, or outlook, typically Turkish. 3. according to the old Turkish system of reckoning time, Turkish time: Alaturka saat birde gel. Come at one o´clock Turkish time. 4. (doing something) after the Turkish manner. - müzik traditional Turkish music (as opposed to Turkish music composed according to Western musical concepts). - tuvalet Turkish-style toilet, toilet which lacks a bowl and a seat."

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  • 431 alt

    ",-tı 1. bottom. 2. buttocks, rump, bottom. 3. the space beneath. 4. continuation, the rest. 5. the farther. 6. the lower. 7. under, beneath, below (with a personal suffix and a case ending). -ı alay, üstü kalay gaudy, showy, tawdry. -ına almak /ı/ wrestling to throw (one´s opponent) down. -tan almak to be gentle with someone who is speaking harshly. - alta one under the other. -tan alta secretively. - alta üst üste rough-and-tumble. -ından çapanoğlu çıkmak to have a troublesome complication appear. -ını çizmek /ın/ to underline, emphasize. -tan dağıtım water system relying on city water pressure, without an attic tank. - dudak lower lip. - etmek /ı/ to beat, overwhelm. -ına etmek to soil or wet one´s clothes or bed. -ından girip üstünden çıkmak /ın/ to squander, spend (a fortune) recklessly. -tan güreşmek to look for a way of winning while pretending to lose. -ını ıslatmak to wet one´s underclothes or bed. -ına kaçırmak to wet or soil one´s clothes a little. -ta kalanın canı çıksın. colloq. The devil take the hindmost. -ından kalkamamak /ın/ 1. to be unable to carry (something) through to completion. 2. not to be able to protect oneself (from a difficulty). -ından kalkmak /ın/ to carry out (something) successfully. -ında kalmak /ın/ 1. to have no retort (to another´s statement), be unable to reply. 2. to remain under (an obligation). -ta kalmak to lose, be defeated. -ında kalmamak /ın/ 1. not to leave (a kindness) unrepaid. 2. to get even (for). - kasa print. lower case. - kat 1. the floor below. 2. first floor, ground floor. -ı kaval, üstü şişhane odd-looking, having an outlandish look. -ından ne çıkacak bilinmez. colloq. The outcome is uncertain. - olmak to be beaten, be overcome. - tarafı/yanı 1. the lower part; the underside. 2. remainder, the rest. 3. the outcome. 4. all that is involved (is only): Niçin bu kadar üzülüyorsun? Alt tarafı on bin lira. Why are you making such a fuss? It´s only a matter of ten thousand liras. -ını üstüne getirmek /ın/ 1. to upset, turn upside down, confuse. 2. to search. - yanı çıkmaz sokak. colloq. This business is a blind alley. -ına yapmak to soil one´s bed or clothes. -ı yaş olmak /ın/ (for a piece of business) not to be on a sound basis. - yazı footnote."

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  • 432 altulaşım

    underground transportation, subway system, metro. - taşıtı subway train.

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  • 433 angaje

    1. reserved, occupied, in use. 2. employed, hired, engaged. 3. /a/ tied to, bound to (a belief or system). - etmek /ı/ to employ.

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  • 434 arkdüzen

    system of ditches for drainage or irrigation.

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  • 435 asabi

    1. nervous, irritable, on edge. 2. neural.

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  • 436 asabileşmek

    to get nervous, be irritated.

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  • 437 asabiye

    1. nervous diseases. 2. neurology, neuropathology.

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  • 438 asap

    nerves. - bozukluğu a nervous upset. -ı bozulmak to get nervous, be upset. -ına dokunmak /ın/ to get on (one´s) nerves, irritate.

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  • 439 Atatürkçülük

    "1. Atatürk´s political doctrine, Kemalism; the system of reforms and development introduced by Atatürk. 2. the conviction that it is necessary to continue these reforms."

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  • 440 aygıt

    ",-tı 1. tool; instrument, apparatus. 2. biol. system."

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