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autonomic nervous system

  • 501 tutmak

    "1. /ı/ to hold; to take hold of; to grip; to grab. 2. /ı/ to hold back; to restrain. 3. /ı/ to hunt: kuş tutmak to hunt birds. 4. /ı/ to nab; to arrest (someone). 5. /ı/ mil. to capture, occupy (a position). 6. /ı/ to grasp, understand (that something is happening). 7. /ı/ to reach, come to, arrive at (a place); to make it to (a place). 8. /ı/ to detain (someone); to hold (someone) up. 9. /ı/ to look after, watch over (someone). 10. /ı, da/ to keep (someone, something) in (a place); to maintain (something) (at a certain level). 11. /ı/ (for something) to take up (so much space). 12. /ı/ (for writing) to cover (a place). 13. /ı/ (for fog, etc.) to cover, envelop (a place). 14. /ı/ (for a sound) to fill (a place). 15. /ı/ to reserve (a place). 16. /ı/ (for snow) to stick to; (for ice) to form in: Sokaklar buz tuttu. The streets have gotten icy. 17. /ı/ (for cloth) to show (a stain, dust, etc.). 18. /ı/ to patrol; to mount guard over or guard (a place); to man. 19. /ı/ to back, support. 20. /ı/ to approve of, like. 21. (for something) to be accepted, win general approval. 22. /ı/ to keep (one´s promise, one´s word). 23. /ı/ (for one thing) to accord with, be consistent with, jibe with, agree with. 24. /ı/ to rent, Brit. hire. 25. /ı/ to hire, take on, employ. 26. /ı/ to take up, embark on (a job). 27. /ı/ to have (a steady job). 28. /ı/ (for a man) to be married to. 29. /ı/ (for something) to make (someone) feel sick at his stomach; to give (someone) a headache. 30. (for someone´s curse) to be realized, come true, come to pass. 31. /ı/ to be seized with (the hiccups, fit of coughing, etc.): O sırada onu öyle bir gülme krizi tuttu ki odadan çıkmak zorunda kaldı. At that point she got the giggles so bad that she had to leave the room. 32. (for a pain, cough, etc.) to begin again; (for a condition) to crop up again: Of, gene sancım tuttu. Ouf! My pain´s started up again. Remzi´nin inatçılığı tuttu. Remzi´s stubborn streak is showing again. Pakize´nin babaları tutmuş galiba. Pakize appears to be having a nervous seizure. 33. (for someone) to get (malaria): Dursun´u sıtma tutmuş. I hear Dursun´s got malaria. 34. /ı/ to do (something) (in a certain way): Bu işi hızlı tutalım. Let´s get this job done quickly./Let´s do this job quickly. 35. /ı/ to make (something) (in a certain way): Bu binayı mümkün olduğu kadar geniş tutmak istiyoruz. We want to make this building as wide as possible. 36. /ı/ (for something) to total, come to a total of, come to, amount to, add up to. 37. /ı/ (for a place) to be open to, be exposed to, be unprotected from (the wind). 38. /ı/ to keep (something) (in a certain state): Odanı temiz tut! Keep your room clean! Başını dik tut! Hold your head up straight! 39. /ı, a/ to throw (something) at; to fire (something) at; to shower (something) upon: Şehri topa tuttular. They mounted an artillery assault on the city. Gelini hediye yağmuruna tuttular. They showered the bride with gifts. 40. /ı, a/ to add (a sum) to (an amount owed). 41. /ı, a/ to hold (something) over, close to, near, or up to: O diayı ışığa tut. Hold that slide to the light. 42. /ı/ to gain (weight), put on (weight): Bu et tutmamış davarı satalım. Let´s sell these skinny cows. 43. /ı/ to use (a razor); to wear (a yashmak). 44. /ı/ (for milk) to form (cream): Süt kaymak tuttu. The milk´s creamed. 45. /ı/ (for an amount of time) to pass (while going from one place to another): İzmir´le Bodrum arası altı saat tutar. It takes six hours to drive from İzmir to Bodrum. 46. to take it into one´s head to, decide suddenly to, up and (do something): Şimdi de Ankara´ya gideceği tuttu. Now he´s taken it into his head to go to Ankara. Sonunda tuttu bütün malını mülkünü Şebnem´in üstüne yaptı. In the end he upped and made everything he owned over to Şebnem. Arada sırada tutar bizi balık yemeye götürür. Every once in a while he´ll up and take us out to eat fish. 47. /ı, a/ to serve, offer (a guest) (something to eat or drink): Şennur, kuzum, misafirimize şeker

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  • 502 usul

    ,-lü 1. method, system, procedure, way. 2. mus. rhythmic pattern, rule which regulates the metric structure of a composition. -ü dairesinde properly, in the proper way. -üne göre in a proper fashion, properly. - hukuku law of procedure. - tutmak classical Turkish mus. to beat time. - ve adap proper way, proper procedure.

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  • 503 yağmurlama

    watering (plants) by sprinkling them with water. - sistemi sprinkling system.

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  • 504 yol

    "1. road; path; way; passage; course; route; channel; conduit. 2. rate of speed, speed (of a ship). 3. style; manner. 4. way of behaving. 5. method, system. 6. means, way; solution. 7. purpose, end (used in either the locative or the dative): Bu yolda çok emek harcadık. We´ve expended a lot of effort on this. Vatan yoluna savaştılar. They fought for the sake of the fatherland. 8. stripe (in cloth). 9. time: Bir yol bize geldi. He came to see us once. -unda 1. for the sake of. 2. in good order, going as it should, going well, fine. 3. in the style of, in the manner of. -uyla 1. by way of, via. 2. by means of, by, through. 3. in a suitable manner. - açmak /a/ to pave the way for. -unuz açık olsun! Have a good trip!/Bon voyage! - ağzı mouth of a road, junction. - almak to proceed, move forward. -u almak to reach the end of one´s journey. - aramak to look for a way (to solve a problem). - ayrımı fork in a road. - azığı food for a journey. -una bakmak/-unu beklemek /ın/ to await the arrival of, expect (someone who´s traveling a long way). - boyunca 1. throughout the journey; all the way: Yol boyunca durmadan konuştu. He talked incessantly all the way. 2. beside the road, along the road. -unu bulmak /ın/ to find the way to do (something), find the way to get (something) done. -a çıkarmak /ı/ to see (someone) off (on a journey). -a çıkmak to set off (on a journey). (aynı, bir) -a çıkmak (for one thing) to lead to the same result (as another). -dan çıkmak 1. (for a train) to be derailed; (for a car, etc.) to go off the road. 2. (for someone) to go astray, depart from the straight and narrow. -una çıkmak /ın/ 1. to meet (someone, something) by chance. 2. to go to meet (a traveler). -a düşmek to set off (on a journey). -lara düşmek to go out and wander far and near/wide (in search of someone, something). -u düşmek 1. /a/ to happen on, chance on, happen to pass (a place). 2. /ın/ (for the right moment for something) to be at hand. (...) -una düşmek to set out for (a place). -a düzülmek to set off (on a journey). - erkân the right way to do (something). - erkân bilmek to know how to behave properly. - etmek /ı/ to go to (a place) very often. -a gelmek to come round (to another´s point of view); to see reason; to straighten up and do as one is supposed to do. -a getirmek /ı/ to bring (someone) round (to another´s point of view); to make (someone) see reason; to make (someone) straighten up and do as he is supposed to do. -una girmek (for something) to begin to go well. -a gitmek to set off (on a journey). - görünmek /a/ to sense that the time has come for (one) to pack up one´s traps and leave. - göstermek /a/ 1. to show (someone) how to get to a place. 2. to show (someone) how to solve something. 3. to guide (someone). - halısı runner (rug used to carpet a hall or staircase). - harcı travel allowance. - iz bilmek to know how to behave oneself properly. -dan/-undan kalmak to be prevented from setting out on a journey. -larda kalmak to be delayed on the road. -u kapamak to block the road. -unu kaybetmek to lose one´s way. - kesmek naut. to slow down, reduce speed. -unu kesmek /ın/ 1. to stop, waylay (someone). 2. to waylay (someone) (in order to rob him). -una koymak /ı/ to set/put (a matter) to rights. -a koyulmak to set off (on a journey). - parası 1. travel allowance. 2. road tax, tax which goes towards the upkeep of roads. -a revan olmak to set off (on a journey). -unu sapıtmak (for someone) to go astray, depart from the straight and narrow. - sormakla bulunur. proverb You learn how to do something properly by asking those who know how to do it. -unu şaşırmak 1. to take a/the wrong turning, be on the wrong road. 2. not to know which road to take. 3. to go astray, depart from the straight and narrow. - tepmek to walk a long way. (...) - tutmak to begin to live in (a certain) way; to live in (a certain) way. -u tutmak (for police, etc.) to take control of a road; to blockade a ro

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  • 505 yordam

    1. agility. 2. skill, facility. 3. method, system.

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  • 506 yöntem

    method, procedure, system.

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  • 507 yöntemsizlik

    lack of method, lack of system.

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  • 508 çarpık

    "1. crooked, bent. 2. askew, awry. 3. twisted, distorted (idea, outlook). 4. perverted (sexual relationship). 5. (a system) which is basically unsound or flawed. 6. (someone) who has been paralyzed by a malevolent spirit. - çurpuk very crooked; contorted."

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  • 509 çarpıklık

    1. crookedness, being bent. 2. distortedness, distortion. 3. paralyzed look (on one´s face). 4. pervertedness, perversion. 5. basic unsoundness, the essentially flawed nature (of a system). 6. paralysis by a malevolent spirit.

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  • 510 örgü

    "1. knitting, knit; darning; braiding; weave. 2. knitted article, piece of knitting. 3. knitted (article). 4. plait, braid. 5. anat. plexus. 6. bond, system (according to which stones or bricks are placed in a wall)."

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  • 511 ısıtma

    warming, heating. - sistemi heating system.

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  • 512 ızgara

    1. grill, gridiron, or grid (on which food is cooked). 2. grate, grating (over a drain). 3. grate (for a fireplace or stove). 4. register or vent (for a heating or ventilation system). 5. shipway, ways. 6. grilled or broiled (food). - köfte grilled meat balls. - yapmak /ı/, -sını yapmak /ın/ to grill.

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  • 513 şebeke

    1. ring, network (organized for criminal purposes). 2. network, system (of electric, telephone, or telegraph lines, of water lines, of roads). 3. identity card (of a university student, issued by the university). 4. arch. lattice, grill, or screen. 5. net (used in hunting or fishing).

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  • 514 şofaj

    1. heating system (in a building, railway car, etc.). 2. heating, warming (a place).

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