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autonomic nervous system

  • 441 bahis

    ,-hsi 1. subject, topic. 2. bet, wager. - açmak /dan/ to bring up (a subject). -i geçen the aforementioned, the aforesaid. -e girmek /la/ to make a bet, make a wager (with someone). -i kapamak to close the subject. -i kaybetmek to lose the bet. -i kazanmak to win one´s bet, win one´s wager. -i müşterek parimutuel (a system of betting). - tutmak/ tutuşmak /la/ to bet (with), wager (with).

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  • 442 barem

    classification and advancement system for the salaries of government employees. - kanunu law regulating the salaries of government employees.

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  • 443 başyıldız

    astr.the primary star (in a double-star system).

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  • 444 bilgi

    "1. knowledge. 2. information; data. - bankası comp. data bank. - edinmek to be informed; to obtain information. - erişim comp. information retrieval. - erişim dizgesi comp. information retrieval system. - işlem comp. data processing, information processing. - kuramı epistemology."

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  • 445 bilgiişlem

    comp. data processing, information processing. - dizgesi data processing system. - merkezi data-processing center.

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  • 446 boru

    "1. pipe, tube. 2. mus. horn; bugle. 3. slang nonsense, empty talk. 4. slang bad, in a bad state. - ağı plumbing, the plumbing system of a building. - anahtarı pipe wrench. - askısı pipe support. - bileziği ring put around a stove pipe. - çalmak 1. to blow a horn. 2. for a bugle to blow. -sunu çalmak /ın/ to jump to do (someone´s) wishes so as to curry his favor. - değil!/boru mu bu? colloq. That´s no small matter! - dirseği elbow, elbow-shaped pipe. - döşemek to install plumbing. - kelepçesi pipe clip. - mengenesi pipe vise. -suna ot tıkamak /ın/ to silence, shut (someone) up. -su ötmek colloq. to have authority, be influential."

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  • 447 bozmak

    "1. /ı/ to spoil, ruin; to harm, damage; to mar; to impair. 2. /ı/ to mess up, make a mess of (a place). 3. /ı/ to upset, spoil (plans, a system). 4. /ı/ to upset (one´s stomach). 5. /ı/ to change, break (a specified amount of money) into smaller units. 6. /ı/ to change, exchange (a specified amount of money) for another currency. 7. /ı/ mil. to defeat (a unit) decisively, rout. 8. /ı/ to embarrass, discomfit, discountenance. 9. /ı/ to violate (an agreement). 10. /ı/ law to abrogate; to quash; to overturn. 11. /ı/ to deflower, deprive (a woman) of her virginity. 12. /ı, la/ to have (something) on the brain, be too wrapped up in: Aklını seksle bozdu. He´s got sex on the brain. 13. /ı/ to complete the harvest in, harvest everything in (a specified place). 14. /ı/ to rip out the seams of (a garment) or to cut up (a garment) (so that it can be remade). 15. (for the weather) to turn nasty, get cold, stormy, or snowy."

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  • 448 bozulmak

    "1. to be spoiled, ruined, harmed, damaged, marred, or impaired. 2. (for a place) to be messed up. 3. (for plans, a system) to be upset, be spoiled. 4. (for food) to spoil, go bad. 5. /a/ to feel resentful towards, be riled at, be irritated with; to get angry at. 6. to get thin and wan. 7. mil. to be decisively defeated, be routed. 8. (for a specified amount of money) to be changed, be broken into smaller units. 9. (for a specified amount of money) to be changed, be exchanged for another currency. 10. to be embarrassed, be discomfited, be discountenanced. 11. (for an agreement) to be violated. 12. law to be abrogated, quashed, or overturned. 13. for the harvest in (a specified place) to be completed. 14. (for a garment´s seams) to be ripped out or (for a garment) to be cut up (so that it can be remade). "

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  • 449 cinli

    "1. haunted; possessed by demons. 2. tense and irritable, edgy, nervous."

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  • 450 cümle

    "1. sentence, clause. 2. a total, whole; system, group. 3. all. -miz all of us, we all. - âlem the whole world, everybody. - kapısı main door."

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  • 451 dizge

    "system, arrangement; complex."

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  • 452 dizgesel

    systematic, related to a system.

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  • 453 düzen

    "1. order, orderliness; arrangement. 2. the social order, the system. 3. mus. tuning. 4. arch. order. 5. colloq. trick. 6. regime, seasonal flow pattern of a river. - açıklaması theat. stage direction (written in a script). -e koymak/ sokmak /ı/ to put (something) in order. - kurmak 1. to lay out one´s tools and supplies ready for work. 2. to organize a way of doing something. 3. to set a trap, prepare a trick. - vermek /a/ 1. to put (something) in order, straighten up. 2. to tune (a musical instrument)."

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  • 454 düzenleştirmek

    /ı/ to make (separate things) conform to one order or system.

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  • 455 ekonomi

    1. economy, economic structure or system. 2. economy, thrift. 3. economics. - ilmi economics. - politik political economy. - yapmak to economize, practice economy.

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  • 456 güneş

    "1. sun. 2. sunshine, sunlight. - açmak for the sun to come out, for it to become sunny. - almak/görmek to get the sun, get sunlight, see the sun. -in alnında/altında in full sun. - ayı solar month. - balçıkla sıvanmaz. proverb You can´t hide the truth. - banyosu sunbath, sunbathing. - batmak for the sun to set/go down/sink. -in batması/batışı sunset, sundown. - çarpmak /ı/ to have a sunstroke. - çarpması sunstroke. G- Dil teorisi the theory of the “Sun Language” (concerning the origin of language put forward in Turkey in the early 1930´s). - doğmak for the sun to rise. -in doğması/doğuşu sunrise. (başına) - geçmek to have a sunstroke. -e göstermek /ı/ to expose (something) to the sun. - gözlüğü sunglasses, dark glasses. - günü astr. solar day. - ışını sunray, sunbeam. -e karşı işemek vulg. to behave rudely to a kind person; to scorn something good through ignorance. - lekesi astr. sunspot. - olsa kimsenin üstüne doğmamak never to think of helping others. - saati sundial. - sistemi/ dizgesi astr. solar system. - şemsiyesi parasol. - takvimi solar calendar. -e tapma heliolatry, worship of the sun. - tedavisi heliotherapy. - tekeri astr. solar disk, sun disk. - tutulmak for the sun to be eclipsed. - tutulması astr. solar eclipse. - vurmak /a/ 1. to have a sunstroke. 2. for the sun to shine on. - vurması sunstroke. - yanığı sunburn. -te yanmak to be sunburnt; to be tanned. - yılı astr. solar year."

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  • 457 hazım

    ,-zmı digestion. - cihazı digestive system.

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  • 458 huylandırmak

    "/ı/ 1. to make (someone) uneasy; to put (someone) on edge, make (someone) nervous. 2. to put (someone) in a bad humor, peeve. 3. to cause (someone) to develop bad habits. 4. to cause (an animal) to become restive, fractious, unruly, or obstinate."

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  • 459 huylanmak

    "1. to get uneasy; to get on edge, get nervous. 2. to get in a bad humor, become peeved (over nothing). 3. to develop bad habits. 4. (for an animal) to become restive, fractious, unruly, or obstinate."

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  • 460 kalorifer

    "central heating unit, furnace; central heating system. - dairesi furnace room. - kazanı boiler of a central heating unit."

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